Streaming Picks

If you're watching with the kids, an adaptation of the classic story The Secret Garden is free to stream on Amazon Prime and available to rent. In fact, if you have Amazon Prime, you should take advantage of it—Barbara Streisand's award-winning performance in Funny Girl is only available until the end of March. And if you are just looking for a feel-good film, While You Were Sleeping, from the golden age of romantic comedies, is on Netflix.

Critics Roundup

In Mistaken for Strangers, which releases today in theaters, Tom Berninger documents his time with his older brother Matt, of rock band The National, on tour. Indiewire calls the documentary a "witty, meandering story about a witty, meandering black sheep that never reaches beyond the average aspirations of its goofball star." But it's less about the band and more about Matt and Tom's sibling relationship. The A.V. Club says the film depicts "a funny weird and entirely believable relationship that just happens to be set in proximity to one of the best bands of the moment." And The Dissolve describes Mistaken for Strangers as a "multifaceted self-portrait," one of a man "with talent and not quite enough drive and focus, haunted by a brother who has all of the above in abundance."

Brothers seem to be a theme this week. Hide Your Smiling Faces also premieres today, and follows two brothers as they come of age through a tragic experience—the death of a friend. The Dissolve says it's "a strongly promising first effort." But "don't be surprised if, three or four films down the road, it retroactively looks much more singular."

The critics also inform us ...

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