Things are a bit slow in the streaming world before the impending influx of Christmas and holiday films, but Indiewire has the Netflix watcher’s back; they’ve tracked down the best new titles to Netflix this week for those keeping up with this year’s Oscar contenders. First on Indiewire’s recommendation list is Ida, which is out on both Netflix and Amazon Prime this week. A huge hit at Indie festivals, Ida follows a young Polish nun’s acceptance of her hidden Jewish heritage in post-WWII Europe. Check out our review here.

Indiewire also recommends that viewers who are interested in the MLK biopic Selma, out this Christmas, should watch Complicit, a thriller about the morality of fighting in a war on terror that stars David Oleyowo, who also stars as MLK in Selma. The article from Indiewire is here, and you can read The Guardian’s review here.

Amazon Prime added the sci-fi horror drama Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson as a fatally alluring alien. Unlike other recent films that explore the extraterrestrial, including Gravity and Interstellar, Under the Skin does away with science and focuses instead on the nature of inhumanity. Variety reviewed the film here. Amazon Prime’s family-friendly addition this week is the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder as the lyrical, boisterous, colorful chocolatier.

Hulu’s latest in fall shows is also the latest in intense, female-driven political dramas: State of Affairs. Katherine Hegel leads as a high-ranking national security advisor in a show The New York Times calls a “pastiche” of Scandal and Madame Secretary. Take a look at the full review here.

Jessica Gibson is an intern at Christianity Today Movies and a student at The King’s College in New York City.