Fans of Scandal have been anxiously awaiting How to Get Away With Murder, a legal drama produced by Shonda Rhimes. With a title like that, it’s hard not to assume lead actress Viola Davis’s role as Annalise Keating—the lawyer by day, professor by night—will be as an antihero. Well, Keating is scarily good at what she does; according to PluggedIn’s Paul Asay, she “could get Dexter off on a technicality and posthumously clear Breaking Bad's Walter White by framing his wife.” Asay believes this is where the show’s problems begin: “To call Davis's Keating an antihero does a disservice to the tag. Keating and her cohorts don't do bad things for good reasons as much as they do bad things to just win, baby—at any cost.” Not only does Keating’s character come into question, but the rest of the show’s content as well. “Guilty pleasures don't get much guiltier,” admits Asay. And although viewers probably won’t actually learn How to Get Away with Murder, “there's no question this show gets away with nearly everything else.” While Paul Asay worries that viewers won’t be able to get past the salacious substance of ABC’s newest show, Variety’s Brian Lowry isn’t sure the show will be anything different from legal dramas that have come before. Every network has their fair share of courtroom-based dramas, and Lowry says they “are such a well-worn TV backdrop that in order to stand out from the pack, some characters beyond Davis’s had better pop.” Although creator Shonda Rhimes is most well known for Scandal and even earlier Grey’s Anatomy, Lowry believes that Rhimes ...

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