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Why I Still Vaccinate p. 32

Thank you for the thorough and well-researched cover story by Matthew Loftus. It is ironic and sad that, while vaccines have been so successful in reducing the threat of infectious diseases in developed nations, some parents now fear vaccinations are more deadly than the diseases they prevent. By contrast, in the global South, parents will go to great lengths to reach clinics providing vaccines to protect their children. Out of a desire to serve the vulnerable, Christian organizations carry these vaccines to remote areas, sometimes on foot (such as the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus). Recent outbreaks of diseases in the United States are a reminder why vaccinations became a standard component of preventive care years ago, should continue to be strongly encouraged, and should certainly not be taken for granted.

Garrett Grigsby, Executive Director
Christian Connections for International Health

People often trust their own experiences and the experiences of their friends (or stories from friends of friends of friends) over research and data. I thought it was smart of CT to have the article written by someone who had had a bad personal experience with a vaccine reaction, but understands that the experience of a tiny minority does not outweigh the documented results of millions.

Brian Howell, Facebook

Out here in California, we are in a fight for our lives in opposing the elimination of personal/religious objections to mandatory vaccination via SB277. So your biased article, which lacked much integral information, was a grave disappointment and blow to our efforts.

I realize that most are ignorant of the other side of the story that the media, pharma, and Centers ...

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