One reason I love working at Christianity Today is the variety of publications we publish, and the unique angle each takes. That allows each of us to publish to our audience with their specific concerns.

A decision as crucial as the Supreme Court's ruling today--that states can't ban same-sex marriage--has many repercussions: legal, social, political, pastoral, theological, and spiritual to start with. Here are articles from the CT family that attempt to address at least some of those angles.

You might start with the basic news story:

Gleanings: Here's What Supreme Court Says about Same-Sex Marraige and Religious Freedom

And then go on to these:

Church Law & Tax: What Churches and Clergy Should Note from the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Today's Christian Woman: The Supreme Court Approves Same-Sex Marriage: A Christian Response

Leadership Journal: Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal: How Pastors are Responding in the Crucial Moment

The Exchange: Same-Sex Marriage is now the Law of the (U.S.) Land: What Now for Christians?

Christianity Today: Besides our editorial, you may want to read Stephen Smith's The Most Popular Bible Verses for Debating Gay Marriage and Here We Stand: An Evangelical Declaration on Marriage (where nearly 100 leaders respond to Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage).

For CT's full-coverage topic page, see:

--Mark Galli, editor in chief, Christianity Today