Pop Francis

Doctrine and Catholic dogma aside, the reason Pope Francis is so popular is because he behaves in a way we want all Christians to behave. Even secular journalists would like Christians to behave like he does.

Alison Swihart

No one can deny that Pope Francis genuinely loves his people and lives out, to the extreme embarrassment of most evangelicals, the humble, compassionate life that Christ would have us all live.

But many of his adoring crowds go home and say, “How wonderful is our pope. He is a gift from God. We are so blessed,” instead of, “Woe is me. I must repent and turn to God and eternally serve him with all of my being.” This gentle leader of millions does not teach his followers that Christ requires all people to be born again. Until he does, he is merely a pied piper.

Leta Wilson
Homosassa, Florida

Sorry, Tertullian

I appreciate the wisdom and historical helpfulness of the report titled “Sorry, Tertullian,” which reported that persecution does not necessarily create more conversions.

The one thing I wondered is whether Tertullian had in mind church growth as we know it. Persecution has a way of purifying the church, which does draw people in. I will never forget the wisdom of well-known Nigerian mission leader Panya Baba. After sharing with our staff about persecution, martyrdom, and churches being burned, he said, “Be careful how you pray. The persecution is purifying the church.”

Perhaps those are the kinds of churches—albeit small—we will find some day in the United States.

Greg H. Parsons
Global Director, US Center for World Mission
Pasadena, California

O Subtle Star of Bethlehem

While the report ...

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