Months ago, undercover Planned Parenthood videos revealed the atrocities tied up with the act and business of abortion. Their portrayal of what goes on in clinics across our country was both heartbreaking and horrifying.

They’ve ignited a new passion and fire in the hearts of Christians rallying for the pro-life cause. Our movement has fresh motivation and energy. Ahead of January’s annual March for Life, evangelical organizations including Focus on the Family and the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission are planning their first major conference in conjunction with the event.

Plus, there’s greater pressure for the government to defund Planned Parenthood, a federal move that has long seemed so far-fetched it would take a miracle. For many pro-life Christians, it feels like this timing—the video evidence, the changing state laws, the enthusiasm on our side—will finally ensure that we will change minds and change policies in our country.

Yet despite the brutality that we’ve observed, despite the furor among pro-life leaders, the minds of the people on the other side of the issue don’t seem to be changing that much. As recently as last month, a Gallup poll found 59 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Planned Parenthood, while 37 percent held an unfavorable view. The numbers have shifted compared to 20 years ago—but still over half of Americans approve of the country’s largest abortion provider.

More than that, the pro-choice movement has become more vocal and more critical of our convictions. When we speak out for life, we get accused of not respecting women, their bodies, or their autonomy. Even at a time when it seems like the ...

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