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July/August 2016
Volume 60, Number 6
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Table of Contents
CT Makers: 20 of the Most Creative Christians We Know
Meet the artists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists using fresh ideas for common good.
In a culture hell-bent on undermining traditional institutions, including the church, Christian witness will look neither conservative nor liberal but resilient.
Why the prize fighter is entering politics in his home country.
Psychiatrist Curt Thompson examines the complicated emotion.
The Israelites needed a little less grown-up good sense, and a little more childlike wonder. So do we.
It’s not only a solid biblical model—it’s also good for human flourishing.
How persistent fear has kept me tethered to God.
Preventative Play: Sesame Street and World Vision in Zambia
A snapshot of Christian witness in the world (as it appeared in our July/August issue).
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our July/August issue).
Partnerships between missions groups complicate the metrics.
China's restrictions on foreign NGOs are the latest in a concerning trend.
Experts debate whether laws protect Scripture or restrict its spread.
Andy Crouch: Stop Engaging 'The Culture,' Because It Doesn't Exist
We should spend more time loving our flesh-and-blood neighbor.
Our bodily well-being can't be reduced to a number on a scale.
There are so many problems with porn; it’s hard to pick just one.
D. L. Mayfield: ‘What If I Made Everything Worse?'
The writer and activist asks hard questions about her time living among refugees.
J. D. Vance loves his 'hillbilly' tribe—yet hates what they’ve become.
A sports biographer and former player lists his picks.
'It's a huge balancing act, and I don't think anyone in the world is perfectly balanced!'
How drive and dogged pursuit are aspects of bearing God's image. An adapted excerpt from 'A Woman’s Place.'
Compiled by Matt Reynolds
In Every Issue
Creating for Good
Our hope isn't simply to solve a perceived problem, but to address deeper causes.
Responses to our May issue via letters, tweets, and Facebook posts.
Compiled by Matt Reynolds
My sense of well-being depended entirely on my on-field performance.
Francis Chan: Stop Treating the Book of Acts Like Hyperbole
Francis Chan: Stop Treating the Book of Acts Like Hyperbole
The former megachurch pastor asks today’s churches to measure their practices against the New Testament standard.