If you have subscribed to our magazine or visited our website recently, you have likely come across the phrase “beautiful orthodoxy.” Our ministry’s core cause, it speaks to our desire to communicate the true, good, and beautiful gospel in every article we publish.

“Beautiful orthodoxy in action” was more or less the theme of our series This Is Our City, on Christians pursuing the common good in six US regions. It’s also the theme of a new web series, titled “The Work of Our Hands,” from Jeff Haanen and Chris Horst. The series will spotlight Christians bringing truth, goodness, and beauty to their workplaces and sectors of influence. We believe Christianity has something positive to contribute to every realm of human activity, from electrical lighting to legal justice to lattes. This profile of Colorado business leader Karla Nugent is a great place to start. —The editors

“Come, let me show you around.”

As we rise from the conference table, Karla Nugent—cofounder of Weifield Group Contracting, a commercial electrical company in Denver—leads me into the pre-fabrication shop. Coils, wires, and electrical boxes are being assembled for installation. The only woman in the room of more than a dozen men, Nugent introduces me to employee Justin Hales.

“Electrical work is art,” Hales, an electrician’s apprentice, tells me. “Two years ago, they put me on the platform at Union Station. I would lay out the floors, locate everything, like a switch or outlet on the wall.

“When you turn your pipes, make them uniform—that’s art.” He pauses. “It probably goes unnoticed to the average person, but we see it. We take ...

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