Political Rallies. Black Lives Matter. March for Life. Westboro Baptist. If voting is the most popular way that Americans voice their concerns and frustrations, protests may be the second. (Time Magazine even named Ferguson protesters a runner up in its 2014 annual Person of the Year.)

Jonathan Brooks, who leads Canaan Community Church on the city’s South Side, has experience organizing around issues of juvenile incarceration, inequitable school funding, and unfair policing practices. He’s also participated in several protests against police brutality after the city released a video showing a police officer shooting teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times last November.

On this week’s Quick to Listen, Chicago pastor and community activist Jonathan joins Morgan and Katelyn to talk about protests.

  • What makes a successful protest?
  • Beyond protests, what other types of political actions must happen for social change?
  • How do you define civil disobedience and how should Christians feel about it?

We answer these questions in the latest episode, and preview CT’s April cover story on why all Christians should consider civil disobedience. Listen here.

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