As most readers know, a not-for-profit publishing company like Christianity Today has to remain not-for-prophet when it comes to (prophetically) endorsing a presidential candidate. That’s why in presidential elections of the past, CT magazine has opted to simply note the issues that divide the major candidates, or to feature profiles of candidates from the major parties. This year, we’re trying something completely different: advocacy pieces for each of the major party candidates from three evangelical leaders.

Some might wonder if we are legitimizing one or the other candidate by doing so. Not quite: For better or worse, our political system and fellow Americans have legitimized them. They are the major parties’ nominees. But given the unique controversies surrounding each candidate, more Christians than ever are seriously entertaining the idea of voting for neither candidate—thus the third article in the package.

Such election features are designed to help readers make “informed decisions.” (Also see our new election book, How to Pick a President.) We trust that this package will do just that. Yet given the complexities of this election, we’re sure our readers will need not just information but also some unearthly wisdom. —The Editors

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