Thank you for challenging many in the faith to think critically and walk in faith, abiding in Christ. Never tire of doing good.

Outpacing Persecution p. 38

As soon as I saw the cover of the CT November issue, I dropped everything and read the “Incredible India” article. I have been going to India for the past 15 years to work with Rev. Khen Tombing, a St. Louis Covenant–trained tribal leader in Manipur. Over the past 25 years, Khen and his team have established over 60 churches, a high school with 2,500 students, and a military academy from which graduates who are Christian go into the Indian army.

It was noted that the early missionaries such as William Pettigrew and others did not mess with the culture. It is so sad when I see missionaries trying to impose Western culture, clothing, and lifestyles on the Indians.

Great reporting by Jeremy Weber and photography by Gary S. Chapman.

Congratulations on your thoroughly researched and enlightening piece on India in the current issue of CT. Well done!

I have subscribed to CT since the early ’70s and found it thought provoking as well as greatly helpful in my 45 years as a missionary in India. Jeremy Weber and his team have done an outstanding job of reporting the growth of the church of Jesus all across India.

Our Favorite Heresies p. 19

This would brand as heretics all who agree with the statement “God knows all that happens, but does not determine all that happens.” This would imply that all except strict Calvinists are heretics. Did God create Satan as a being capable of rebelling, or did he determine that Satan would rebel? Did God create Adam as a human capable of obeying or disobeying, or did he determine that Adam would disobey?

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