In the Great Commission, Jesus called all Christians to make disciples. But in many circles, evangelism is treated primarily as a masculine calling, with women occupying a secondary role on the sidelines of discipleship.

Jessica Leep Fick wants to change that. As evangelism resources director for Stonecroft Ministries and the author of the recently published book Beautiful Feet: Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness, Jessica says she’s called to “empower women to share their faith in bold and loving ways.”

On today’s episode of The Calling, Jessica joined host Richard Clark to talk about evangelism in the twenty-first century, what it means to be a “dance party instigator,” and how the church can change to share more widely its unchanging Gospel.

On discovering women’s untold stories: “When I started to dig and learn more about the role that women played in Scripture, in the early church, and throughout history—the really bold, amazing things they were doing—I just realized, ‘I’m part of this amazing legacy. And I don’t think other women know those stories. Most women going to church probably don’t know how powerfully God wants to use them.’”

On praying for strangers: “Even if people don’t believe in God, they feel cared for by you when you say, ‘I’ll pray for you about something’—because they know you believe.”

On the “Billy Graham Rule”: “People need to know themselves. People ask, ‘Why aren’t there more women leaders?’ If you’re not willing to meet with women leaders to invest in them, you’re not going to see them. It’s shooting ourselves in the foot if we don’t model what healthy gender relationships look like to people outside the church.”

On the audacity of belief: “The gospel is insane. It is crazy—but it’s true….It’s an amazing, miraculous story that God makes true.”

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