Foothill Church in Glendora, California, has long advocated for the sanctity of human life. When a state agency mandated that Foothill cover elective abortion in its employee healthcare plan, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) came alongside the church. Now, ADF is providing representation in a case that demands an answer to a fundamental question: Can the government force a church to fund abortions, in order to promote its pro-abortion agenda, or otherwise force churches to violate their beliefs?

Chris Lewis, Pastor of Foothill Church, joined us for our second episode of Behind the Frontlines: Religious Liberty in America. Listen as Pastor Lewis shares his perspective on the government’s relationship with the Church. He describes how his church has upheld the sanctity of life because it is a Gospel issue, and he explains how ADF has joined Foothill Church on its journey.

What is “Behind the Frontlines: Religious Liberty in America”?

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