Much of Catherine of Siena’s life was defined by sickness and plagues. The future saint was born in 1347. The next year, the Black Death began—an epidemic that killed more than 20 million people over the next five years.

Despite growing up surrounded by death, Catherine was unafraid. When a plague struck again less than two decades later, the 20-something convinced her followers to stay and serve the sick. Catherine was relentless in her work. According to historian Philip Schaff, she “day and night, healed those of whom the physicians despaired, and she even raised the dead.”

These stories of boldness and conviction inspire and challenge us. Starting next week, Christianity Today will be telling this one and more on Prayer amid Pandemic, a podcast to encourage and sharpen the church during our own season of pandemic.

Twice a week, we will give you stories of Christian individuals and communities whose lives and faith were shaped by sickness. We’ll update you on the latest coronavirus headlines. And then we’ll pray together, led by Christians around the world.

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