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November 2021
Volume 65, Number 8
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Historically, Americans almost universally believed churches were good for communities. Even families that were not particularly devout leaned heavily on congregations in the 19th century to educate their children both in letters and in moral foundations. That amity has faded, of course, with declining church attendance. But a growing body of social science and medical research suggests corporate worship is not merely good for our souls but also for our bodies and minds. Our cover story this month explores why the abandonment of church could constitute a silent public health crisis.
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Cover Stories

Empty Pews Are an American Public Health Crisis
Americans are rapidly giving up on church. Our minds and bodies will pay the price.
The Riddle of Church Loneliness
Why were evangelicals as lonesome as everyone else before COVID-19, but less so after?


Actually, God Is Doing an Old Thing
In an age of authenticity, we don’t need new words from God so much as we need to repeat what he’s already said.
The New Prison Ministry Lies in Bible Education
Religious programs, including evangelical schools, are a major force for good behind bars.
How Scripture Keeps Surprising Me
As a child, I hid God’s Word in my heart. Now it sneaks out when I least expect it.
The New Head of the World Evangelical Alliance Wants to Talk
Thomas Schirrmacher hopes to lead Christians into conversations, cooperation, and witness.
My Body Is a Temple, Not a Fighting Machine
Why I left a promising boxing career behind after coming to Christ.


The Antidote to Celebrity Church Is Mere Church
We need to rediscover worship that works without our help.
Churchgoers May Remember Song Lyrics Over Sermon Quotes
So let’s make sure we’re teaching sound doctrine in worship.
We Need a Savior More Than a State
A Christian nation is not worth giving up Christ himself.


The Inhuman Consequences of Satan’s Oldest Lie
Alan Noble analyzes the unbearable burdens that result from believing we belong to ourselves.
The Great Commission’s Greatest Hits
Alice T. Ott identifies the pivotal moments in Christianity’s global expansion.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
God Loves a Persistent Pray-er
He’s not offended when we ask, ask, and ask some more.
You Can’t Slay the Giant Anxiety with Mere Willpower
Ignore the exhortations to just “Stop it,” and lean on God’s unshakeable promises.


Jesus Loves the Brown Pop-Eyed Atewa Slippery Frog
In Ghana, the church is at the center of a bold new conservation effort.
Duke University Study Finds More Sin in the Rain
Embezzlement, drug use, and other crimes go up when church attendance goes down.
Gleanings: November 2021
News of Christians around the world.
A Court Win for One Pro-Life Med Student Raises Concerns for Others
In Canada, Christians who want to be doctors have questions about religious liberty and their right to express unpopular opinions on social media.
The New President of an Evangelical University Has a Question: ‘What Would Booker T. Washington Do?’
Brian Johnson thinks the answer might make the difference at Warner Pacific.

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