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April 2022
Volume 66, Number 3
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A church is always more than the space in which it meets, but it is never less. Congregations cannot help being shaped by the places and neighborhoods they inhabit, as editor Kara Bettis explores this month in her reporting on the concept of “spiritual gentrification.” Churches are usually birthed around a shared vision for ministry. When the world around a church changes—gradually or suddenly—one of the most difficult challenges is discerning how, if at all, that shared vision should also change. PLUS: Rediscovering the Jewish roots of Easter.
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When the Congregation Leaves Town, Should the Building Follow?
How churches survive “spiritual gentrification.”
Christ Conquered Death. He Didn’t Cancel It.
Like a burial garment, life and death are interwoven.
Visiting Prisoners in Jesus’ Day
Helping detained people was a shocking calling in the first century.
Black Christian Homeschoolers Are Redefining the Movement
Faithful moms are adapting and developing new curricula as more families of color opt to educate at home.
The Booze-Filled Business Trip That Made Me a Christian
I was on the verge of making a fortune, but I couldn’t stop dwelling on a conversation about religion.


Don’t Make the Church Leadership Crisis Worse
We need to renew our spiritual imaginations amid the spiritual-abuse reckoning.
Don’t Expect Instant Gratification from Your ‘Quiet Time’
Fifteen minutes of Bible reading may not turn every day around, but it’ll yield fruit at the right time.
What Atonement Theories Tell Us About Our Politics
They were developed in their historical contexts. What does that mean for today?
Faith Is More than a Feeling, but Not Less
Discipled living demands not only right belief and right action but also right passions.
Why We Need the Evangelical Jeremiad
Speaking about dangers and errors is no failure of love for one’s own community.


Jesus Is Risen! Now What?
We’re quick to affirm the Resurrection, but we often miss its full meaning.
Help! I’ve Stopped Caring About God.
Why Christians slide into spiritual apathy, and how they can recover.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Roseanna M. White, novelist and author of the Codebreakers series.
Fearing God Means Living with the Grain of Reality
Michael Horton looks to restore the first principle of wisdom to its rightful place.
5 Books on the Connection Between God and Animals
Chosen by Caryn Rivadeneira, author of “Saints of Feather and Fang: How the Animals We Love and Fear Connect Us to God.”


Christian Facebook, Brought to You by Balkan Troll Farms
Amid memes targeting Americans, social media ministries witness to the truth.
Are the Precise Words of Baptism Important?
Pastors weigh in on the critical formulation of the sacrament.
Embezzlement Bedevils Global Church Giving
Experts project fraud will cost Christian ministries $170 billion in 2050.
Gleanings: April 2022
News from Christians around the world.
More Ministries Seek Alternatives to Child Sponsorships
Nine million children are supported by one-to-one funding, but a growing number of Christian groups say that approach is problematic.

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