Joseph’s Simplicity Was Actually Spiritual Maturity

I received this article in the print edition the week before I was scheduled to preach about the angel speaking to Joseph. It was perfect timing. I loved the parallels the article made between Joseph and internally displaced persons.

Jared Martin (Facebook)

My Boss Is a Jewish Construction Worker

I found myself wondering if “construction worker” culturally connotes Jesus’ place in society even more than “builder.” The idea of a builder can still cause one to envision an entrepreneur who designs and builds impressive structures, while a construction worker is more of a manual laborer working for others. But perhaps I am carrying it further than Monson (and the original Greek language) intended.

Kristen Kansiewicz
Springfield, MO

Regional building practices in the US, and elsewhere, reflected local availability much more when long-distance transport of heavy materials was less practical. Such architectural evidence is apparent in older buildings and other structures throughout the world. So maybe carpenter and unemployed would have been synonymous in Nazareth. The author seems to imply that the King James Version translators originated the use of carpenter in English in Mark 6:3, although he doesn’t state that directly. Carpenter was, though, used in that verse in earlier English translations by Wycliffe and Tyndale, Matthew’s Bible, and the Geneva Bible.

Maynard Wright
Citrus Heights, CA

As a former employee at the University of Northwestern, KTIS, I am proud of the diligent research you’ve done to identify Jesus as a common man. We think of the one who set aside the riches of heaven to take the form of a servant!

Wayne Pederson ...

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