Frederick Buechner, the Reverend of Oz
At 70, Frederick Buechner looks back on his ministry in letters. (From 1997)
Stand By Me. But Don’t Be a Bystander.
Pay attention to the sin of passivity, especially in church leaders dealing with abused women.
From the Archives: Elisabeth Elliot’s Devotionals
A selection of the late author’s CT publications.
Elisabeth Elliot’s Lost Manuscript
While searching through old files, radio producers at Back to the Bible discovered an unpublished work written by the late missionary pioneer.
This Side of Eden, the Ideal Bookstore Doesn’t Exist
As a longtime Christian bookseller, I figured I’d enjoy a fellow bookseller’s ode to browsing, buying, and reading. Here’s why it left me feeling conflicted.
The Gospel Is the Giver of Salvation, Not Just the Gift
Too often, our (mis)understanding of the Good News devalues a vital, life-shaping, world-changing relationship with God himself.
Jesus Frees Men and Women to Ask ‘How Can I Serve?’ Not ‘Who’s in Charge?’
Our view of gender roles and relations should begin with Christ’s pattern of humility.
Let’s Talk About Race like Believers, Not Babel-ers
In Christ, we can handle even the toughest conversations without speaking past one another.
Single, Evangelical Women Are Counting the Cost of Staying in Church
A sociologist explores some of the factors driving them away, but her “accrued resentments” get in the way of a fair picture.
My Husband Died Suddenly in the Wilderness
As his widow, I live with grief every day. But I also live in the Good Shepherd’s grip.
National Tragedies Still Call Forth Sermons. But Their Tone Has Changed.
A new history argues that Protestant ministers have traded prophetic introspection for triumphalist civil religion.
A Patriotism of Compassion, Not Pomp and Glory
Richard Mouw reflects on the moral and spiritual work of loving your country.
Is There a Wholesome Alternative to Christian Nationalism?
Paul Miller’s critique of political idolatry is persuasive. His defense of patriotic civil religion, less so.
Meet the Pioneering Radio Preachers Who Revolutionized Religious Broadcasting
How Fulton J. Sheen and Walter A. Maier unlocked the evangelistic power of the airwaves.
God Wanted Me When the Foster-Care System Didn’t
I bounced from home to home before finding the Father my heart yearned for.
The Gospel and All That Jazz
A theologian (and amateur musician) explores the connection between them.
Cultural Diversity Isn’t a Problem to Be Solved
Different languages and ethnicities aren’t a consequence of sin, but a part of God’s plan.
The Christian Case for Reading Black Classics
Why James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, and other African American masters deserve an audience among all believers.
5 Books for Getting to Know the Desert Fathers and Mothers
Chosen by Andrew Arndt, author of “Streams in the Wasteland: Finding Spiritual Renewal with the Desert Fathers and Mothers.”
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Amanda Dykes, author of “All the Lost Places,” “Yours Is the Night,” and other novels.

Top Story December 6, 2022

Finding Common Ground in a Big Fish
Finding Common Ground in a Big Fish
Christian scholars look for ways to connect with Muslims over the shared story of Jonah.

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