C.S. Lewis Was a Modern Man Who Breathed Medieval Air
As both a writer and a scholar, his work hearkened back to a “slow, contemplative, symphonic world.”
Meet the Middling Musician Who Helped Launch the Gospel Music Industry
Homer Rodeheaver was an unexceptional trombonist. But he had an ear for great songs and a knack for promoting them.
Scripture Interprets Scripture. This Book Shows How.
Pastors and scholars can now explore cross-references throughout the Old Testament.
The Arc of White Evangelical Racism Is Long, but Complicated
Anthea Butler’s book isn’t for those who don’t like being challenged, but her account leaves out important nuance.
The Puritans Were Masters of Rhetoric Because Rhetoric Wasn’t the Point
Their most eloquent writing and preaching grew from a practical desire to communicate truth.
The Bible Has a Clear and Consistent ‘Party Theology’
We’re called not only to attend them, but also to throw them ourselves.
Religious Experiences Are Common. Which Ones Should We Trust?
Reports of divine encounters aren’t always legitimate, but they shouldn’t be lightly dismissed.
Denmark Vesey’s Challenge to a Biblically Literate Nation
The architect of a foiled 19th-century slave revolt justified violence in terms he hoped Americans would understand.
When Billy Graham Took His Ministry Transatlantic
For all that separated America and Europe in the 1950s, their experience of the crusade leader was remarkably similar.
The Waters of Baptism Flow Toward Humanity at Its Neediest
Just as Jesus’ baptism launched his public ministry, our own baptisms ordinate us to a life of humble obedience and costly service.
Bible Gateway Removes The Passion Translation
Popular among charismatics, the “heart-level” Bible version was criticized as a paraphrase posing as translation.
When We Were Your Age, We Needed Jesus Too
Thirty Christian authors remember the struggles of their teenage years while sharing hard-won gospel wisdom with teens today.
Books Open Windows into Holiness
How models from literature guide us toward the good.
Religious Conversion Is Incredibly Personal. But It Also Invites Public Scrutiny.
As a new history of high-profile converts illustrates, those who find (or change) faith can’t opt out of being seen.
Miracles Are Outlasting the Arguments Against Them
New Testament scholar Craig Keener investigates contemporary accounts of “signs and wonders,” while suggesting that many grounds for skepticism are behind the times.
Another Big Book on Paul? Bring It On!
Some thoughts from a fellow Pauline scholar on Douglas Moo’s eagerly awaited, comprehensive study of the apostle’s letters.
One of 2021’s Best Novels Revolves Around … a Church Youth Group?
In “Crossroads,” Jonathan Franzen portrays the life of faith with uncanny precision and sympathy.
Kids Bible Stories Get the Kickstarter Treatment
The bespoke ‘Book of Belonging’ aims to highlight more women from Scripture and spur imaginations with unique illustrations.
Bible Translators Add 400 Sign Languages to To-Do List
First finished Scripture for deaf people prompts attention to global need.
Christ Came to Disarm Rebellious Sinners, But Not to Disempower Them
A meditation on the line between good and evil that runs through each person.

Top Story May 23, 2022

This Is the Southern Baptist Apocalypse
This Is the Southern Baptist Apocalypse
The abuse investigation has uncovered more evil than even I imagined.

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