I Met God on the Mountaintop of Ritual
How liturgy can lead to an encounter with the Lord.
Can Westerners Atone for Their Sins Without Breeding Resentment and Ingratitude?
An imaginary soirée with Douglas Murray, the Christian-friendly agnostic author of "The War on the West".
Basketball Is a Beautiful Game, but Not a Blueprint for Society
Treating the sport as a comprehensive social and political model misunderstands the vision of its Christian founder.
Shame Has Many Causes—and One Remedy
How to find freedom from cycles of navel-gazing and self-loathing.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Cathy McCrumb, science fiction writer and author of the Children of the Consortium series.
Tim Keller and Beth Moore, On and Off the Stage
Both leaders have huge followings. But how well do we really know them?
Shift Your Bible Reading into a New Gear
Jonathan Pennington has written the rare study aid that equips without oversimplifying or overwhelming.
Beth Moore: When I Was a Stranger in the SBC, Anglicans Welcomed Me
How the acclaimed Bible teacher found a new church home.
Reason and Logic Belong to God. So Do Imagination and Myth.
A new book explores what C. S. Lewis believed about the multileveled nature of reality.
Jesus Is the Path to Flourishing. Can the Buddha and Confucius Be the Beginning?
God’s truth revealed in ancient Chinese philosophies can help in evangelism and apologetics.
Beware Drawing Bright Lines Between Evangelical and Ecumenical Protestants
The divisions between these “parties” are important. So are the divisions within them.
I Was the Proverbial, Drug-Fueled Rock and Roller
Until a chance encounter with my mom’s old Bible opened my eyes.
What Women Miss When They Go Missing from Church
An appeal to return from someone who walked away herself.
All the World’s Not a Stage
In a culture given to performative virtue, we need reminders that God delights in hidden righteousness.
David Platt: We Take the Gospel to the Nations, as the Nations
The Great Commission strikes at the heart of an Americanized gospel.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
The Bible Gives Investors Like Me a New Perspective on Risk
If we believe all that God promises, we won’t always opt for playing it safe.
The Struggles of Men Are a Problem for Everyone
From school and work to fatherhood and friendship, we need a vision of manhood that both sexes can celebrate.
Is God a Woman or a Man?
Two recent books discuss how our conception of gender relates to our perception of God.
Christian Influence Is Only One Explanation for America’s ‘Special Relationship’ with Israel
But here, as in other foreign-policy debates, Christians are well equipped to mediate between competing theories.

Top Story June 4, 2023

Don’t Pretend the Ugandan Homosexuality Law Is Christian
Don’t Pretend the Ugandan Homosexuality Law Is Christian
Not everything that’s a sin is a crime—let alone one punishable by death.

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