Don’t Overstate the Rewards of Sexual Faithfulness. Don’t Understate Them Either.
The false promises of purity culture shouldn’t overshadow the true promises of God.
The Mayflower Pilgrims—as Not Seen on TV
Pop culture has given us a distorted picture of the religious separatists who founded Plymouth Colony. Historian John Turner sets the record straight.
One-on-One with Beth Seversen on ‘Not Done Yet’
How can the Church reach and keep unchurched emerging adults?
The Bible Makes a Fashion Statement
Theologian Robert Covolo encourages Christians to take matters of dress and style more seriously.
God’s Call on the Politically Ambivalent Christian
Don’t let partisan extremes and animosities prevent you from entering the arena for the sake of the common good.
The Alpha-Male Style in American Evangelicalism
A historian asks whether a warped view of masculine authority has corrupted our faith and political witness.
20 Truths from ‘Models of Evangelism’ by Priscilla Pope-Levison
“Christians inevitably are message bearers, and that message is full of beauty, peace, goodness, and salvation.”
Fighting the Pandemic with Our Hearts and Our Smarts
A development economist and a disaster-relief expert show how to approach COVID-19 as “Shrewd Samaritans.”
In the Bible, ‘Individualism’ and ‘Collectivism’ Aren’t Neat and Tidy Categories
Characters in Scripture don’t “follow their dreams.” But some do stand out from the crowd.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Sarah Sundin, author of World War II-era novels.
5 Books That Turn Our Grumbling into Gratitude
Chosen by Dustin Crowe, author of “The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks: Reclaiming the Gifts of a Lost Spiritual Discipline.”
A True Religion Does Three Things and Answers Four Questions
John Stackhouse offers a checklist for sincere spiritual searchers.
How Churches Elevate and Protect Abusive Pastors
A psychologist explores the power dynamics that help turn shepherds into wolves.
Share the Gospel with Prisoners. Then Apply It to the System.
Evangelicals are superb at the first task. To what extent do they embrace the second as well?
The Importance of Nuance: An Interview with Lecrae Part 4
The fourth and final installment on Ed's recent interview with Lecrae.
The Antidote to Spiritual Shallowness Isn’t ‘Believing Harder’ but Going Deeper
Rich Villodas’s book takes us further into our faith traditions, our relationships, and our very selves.
Stereotypes: An Interview with Lecrae Part 3
Part three of Ed's recent interview with artist and author Lecrae.
Systems and Structures: An Interview with Lecrae Part 2
The second installment highlighting Ed's recent interview with Lecrae.
Restoration: An Interview with Lecrae Part 1
The first part of a series adapted from Ed's recent interview with Lecrae.
20 Truths from ‘The Sacred Overlap’ by J.R. Briggs
“If there is ever a time for the church to see a crucial opportunity to bring hope to our current context, this is it.”

Top Story January 19, 2021

Biden’s Big Bible Is Heavy with History, Symbolism
Biden’s Big Bible Is Heavy with History, Symbolism
Experts say the second Catholic president is pointing to American tradition and deep personal roots.

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