Will My Lost Neighbor Have Another Chance to Receive Jesus After Death?
A theologian considers the fate of the unevangelized and the “pseudoevangelized.”
Nine Years, 782,000 Words Later, South Carolina Woman Completes Handwritten Bible
Caroline Campbell’s project aims to inspire Christians to learn Scripture and see disabilities as a gift to the church.
Trusting God with Your Illness Is No Prescription for Passivity
Early Americans bore energetic witness to bodily suffering. What can their example teach believers today?
What Happens in Left-Behind Places Doesn’t Stay in Left-Behind Places
Our “culture of transience” has far-reaching social and economic costs—and some that are harder to quantify.
America Has Tried Three ‘Narratives of Belonging.’ None Worked as Planned.
How a sober look at failed projects of nationalism can help Christians envision a better way.
At Its Best, American Patriotism Is Blessed with Two-Dimensional Vision
A healthy love of country looks backward and forward, recognizes triumphs and failures, and flows from the head and the heart alike.
Meritocracy Is a Betrayal of the Protestant Ethic, not a Fulfillment
Why the “rhetoric of rising” is incompatible with Christian views of grace and the common good.
The Story of Same-Sex Marriage, as Told by the Victors
Two new books approvingly chart the legal and cultural path to Obergefell v. Hodges. What can the losing side learn about battles lost, and battles still to come?
Having Polio Was a Privilege, Not a Punishment
How a passage in John’s gospel transformed my perspective on God and suffering.
The Bible Doesn’t Come with Instructions. But We Still Need Guidance to Handle It Well.
Michael Bird offers a trusty primer on reading and understanding God’s Word.
Even When Money Is Tight, Churches Have More Resources Than They Realize
How “redemptive entrepreneurship” can multiply the impact of cash-strapped ministries.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Davis Bunn, bestselling author and writer in residence at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University.
5 Books to Awaken Interest in Christian History
Chosen by Jennifer Woodruff Tait, editor of “Christian History” magazine and author of “Christian History in Seven Sentences.”
Is Jemar Tisby’s Bestselling Book About Racism a Fluke?
Publishers tried for years to get evangelical readers to care. Then one succeeded.
Interview: Reopening Muslim Minds to Freedom and Tolerance
Mustafa Akyol explains why his new book explores the history of apostasy laws, the sayings of Muhammad, and the prospects for greater pluralism in the Islamic world.
It’s Never Too Late to Forgive a Flawed Father—or to Ask How He Got His Scars
What an attention-starved son learned while reconstructing the life of his distant dad.
Meet the Conservative Evangelicals Practicing ‘Strategic Hibernation’ in the American Northwest
They might embrace their marginal status, but they don’t plan on staying marginal forever.
Jemar Tisby: Three Words Should Guide Our Pursuit of Racial Justice
In his latest book, the “Color of Compromise” author turns from the lessons of history to the proper Christian response.
Paul Teamed with Women to Start Churches. So Will We.
Why women of color are essential to today’s church-planting movements.
All Church Buildings Have a Story to Tell—Not Just the Tourist Magnets
An attempt to examine the church’s history through its architecture suffers from narrow understandings of “church” and “history” alike.

Top Story October 20, 2021

Haiti Negotiates with Gang over Ransom for Missionaries
Haiti Negotiates with Gang over $1 Million Ransom for Each Kidnapped Missionary
Christian Aid Ministries requests prayer for 17 captive Christians, including five children ages 15 to 8 months.

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