Seis maneras de inspirar una fe firme y contagiosa en tus hijos
¿Cómo ayudar a los niños y adolescentes a enfrentarse a «las grandes preguntas»? Una apologeta ofrece su opinión.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
Those God Sends, He First Humbles
Isaiah 6 filled me with world-changing zeal. But I needed to reckon with the whole passage.
Playing the Cultural Long Game
Sniping from the sidelines is easy. Building something better takes patience.
The Unsung Heroes of the Underground Railroad
A new study gives Black evangelicals their due.
There Is No One Fully Optimized, Not Even One
How a “low anthropology” pushes back on perfectionistic assumptions about human nature.
Police Work Nearly Broke Me
I was a narcotics officer on the brink of suicide when God began his mighty healing work.
Revelation Is Good News for Today, not a Game Plan for the Future
For a clearer picture of this mysterious book, try trading a prediction lens for a missional lens.
A Nonconservative’s Plea to Those Leaving Conservative Churches
Roger Olson sympathizes with liberal leavers, but he draws the line at liberal theology.
Meet the Christian Rap Duo from ‘Reservation Dogs’
Hip hop artists Lil Mike and Funny Bone got their start performing at churches. Now they’re acting on FX’s critically acclaimed television series.
Doubt Be Not Proud
Frederick Buechner diffused the power of disbelief and brought hope to wandering hearts.
A Shelf Called Remember: How Frederick Buechner Built Up My Faith
The late writer’s books upended the way I think about almost everything.
Frederick Buechner, the Reverend of Oz
At 70, Frederick Buechner looks back on his ministry in letters. (From 1997)
Stand By Me. But Don’t Be a Bystander.
Pay attention to the sin of passivity, especially in church leaders dealing with abused women.
From the Archives: Elisabeth Elliot’s Devotionals
A selection of the late author’s CT publications.
Elisabeth Elliot’s Lost Manuscript
While searching through old files, radio producers at Back to the Bible discovered an unpublished work written by the late missionary pioneer.
This Side of Eden, the Ideal Bookstore Doesn’t Exist
As a longtime Christian bookseller, I figured I’d enjoy a fellow bookseller’s ode to browsing, buying, and reading. Here’s why it left me feeling conflicted.
The Gospel Is the Giver of Salvation, Not Just the Gift
Too often, our (mis)understanding of the Good News devalues a vital, life-shaping, world-changing relationship with God himself.
Jesus Frees Men and Women to Ask ‘How Can I Serve?’ Not ‘Who’s in Charge?’
Our view of gender roles and relations should begin with Christ’s pattern of humility.
全国性的悲剧后美国人仍然会听布道, 但其语调已不再一样

Top Story October 5, 2022

Bring Back Altar Calls
Bring Back Altar Calls
They could foster the worst in evangelical spirituality. But the best of it, too.

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