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Classic Faith for Modern Times: Thomas à KempisSubscriber Access Only
"What Good Is Knowledge Without Fear of God?"
'Jesus Mean and Wild: The Unexpected Love of an Untamable God'Subscriber Access Only
Apparently 'satanic' can be a synonym for 'relevant'.
Finding a FamilySubscriber Access Only
A man needs a dad. I found mine when I moved in with a friend.
How the Early Christians WorshippedSubscriber Access Only
What did Christians really believe before the council of Nicaea?
Life in a Country of DeathSubscriber Access Only
Experiencing Christ's resurrection comes in ordinary moments, like sitting down to a meal.
Our Anti-Intellectual HeritageSubscriber Access Only
The history and beliefs of the Pentecostal movement, often shared by evangelicals, hold the seeds of a bias against the life of the mind.
Community In, Not Of, CapitalismSubscriber Access Only
Our modern notions of money and possessions blind us to the reality that everything belongs to God and therefore our church community.
One Way, Many ViewsSubscriber Access Only
What we believe about the Bible says a lot about how we interact with other faiths.
What Makes the Gospel Good News?Subscriber Access Only
Personal salvation is nice, but delighting in God is better.
Into the WonderSubscriber Access Only
You won't understand the genius of C. S. Lewis's literary criticism, satire, science fiction, and theological essays until you spend time in Narnia.
The $65,000 QuestionSubscriber Access Only
And the answer my autistic grandson gives.
Running to PrisonSubscriber Access Only
Doing what Jesus says doesn't make any sense, but—if you actually try it—it works.
The Strength of SolitudeSubscriber Access Only
Learning to be with God in solitude allows us to be Godly in community.
All Churches Should Be MultiracialSubscriber Access Only
The biblical case.
'It Is Finished' But It Is Not OverSubscriber Access Only
God's work of redemption continues in the redeemed. An excerpt from Cross-Shattered Christ.
When the Giver of Eternal Life ThirstsSubscriber Access Only
A meditation on Franz Joseph Haydn's The Seven Last Words of Christ.
And Jesus Stood: A SonnetSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from Holy Week Sonnets.
God's New FamilySubscriber Access Only
Rethinking Jesus' words. "Woman, behold thy son … behold thy mother." An excerpt from The Seven Last Words from the Cross.
Advent's Spiritual PilgrimageSubscriber Access Only
The birth of Christ is only the final stop when meditating this holiday season. An excerpt from Ancient-Future Time: Forming Spirituality Through the Christian Year.
Every Fraud Needs a CureSubscriber Access Only
How perpetrators are more gullible than their victims. An excerpt from Cleaning Up.
Self-Control, the Leader’s Make-or-Break Virtue
Self-Control, the Leader’s Make-or-Break Virtue
Is it possible to build willpower like a muscle?
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