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Brett McCracken: My Top 5Subscriber Access Only
The author of Hipster Christianity lists the books that most shaped the ideas in his new release, Gray Matters: Navigating the Space between Legalism & Liberty (Baker Books, 2013).
My Top 5 Books on The BodySubscriber Access Only
Picks from the author of author of Eat with Joy: Redeeming God’s Gift of Food.
My Top 5 Books by C. S. LewisSubscriber Access Only
The beloved Christian apologist's best books range beyond the Chronicles of Narnia.
My Top 5 Books on EvangelismSubscriber Access Only
Practical, compelling, and accessible texts that help share the Good News.
My Top 5 Books on MissionsSubscriber Access Only
Books to remind us that holistic mission is not evangelism or justice, but always and forever both.
My Top 5 Books on SinglenessSubscriber Access Only
In search of books that move beyond longing and provide a hopeful, trust-deepening perspective.
My Top 5 Books on CreativitySubscriber Access Only
Literature that reveals what art and beauty ought to be.
My Top 5 Books on Mental IllnessSubscriber Access Only
Picks from the author of 'Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church's Mission'
My Top 5 Books on Israel & PalestineSubscriber Access Only
My Top 5 Books on The Cold WarSubscriber Access Only
A faith-focused list on the long battle with Communism.
My Top 5 on Books on MotherhoodSubscriber Access Only
Picks from Jennifer Grant
My Top 5 Books On Special NeedsSubscriber Access Only
My Top 5 Books On PatriotismSubscriber Access Only
Picks from David Gushee.
My Top 5 Books On FatherhoodSubscriber Access Only
Picks from Doug Wilson.
My Top 5 Books on Christianity in North KoreaSubscriber Access Only
Picks from Carl Moeller, CEO of Open Doors USA and coauthor of 'The Privilege of Persecution'
My Top 5 Books On ArchaeologySubscriber Access Only
Picks from Craig A. Evans, author of the forthcoming 'Jesus and His World.'
My Top 5 Books By Charles DickensSubscriber Access Only
Celebrating Dickens' 200th Birthday
My Top 5 Books on Christians in PoliticsSubscriber Access Only
Picks from Stephen Mansfield, author of 'The Faith of Barack Obama.'
My Top 5 Books on ConsumerismSubscriber Access Only
Picks from Tyler Wigg Stevenson, author of 'Brand Jesus: Christianity in a Consumerist Age.'
My Top 5 Books on Jonathan EdwardsSubscriber Access Only
Particular places shape the biblical story, and each Christian life.
Top Story June 24, 2019
How Bible Translation Projects Preserve Endangered Languages
Bible Translation Projects Are Preserving Endangered Languages
While the world loses a language every 40 days, translation efforts bring new life to threatened tongues.
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