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Book TitleAuthorRating
Dreher, Rod5 Stars - Masterpiece
Durham, M. Giginot rated  
Hill Wesley5 Stars - Masterpiece
The Loser Letters: A Comic Tale of Life, Death, and Atheism
The Loser Letters
Eberstadt, Mary4 Stars - Excellent
Foster, Nathan4 Stars - Excellent
Ryken, Philip5 Stars - Masterpiece
The Mormon Jesus: A Biography
The Mormon Jesus: A Biography
Turner, John G.4 Stars - Excellent
Boyer, Steven D. and Hall, Christopher A.5 Stars - Masterpiece
Pally, Marcia4 Stars - Excellent
Kingsley, Patrick5 Stars - Masterpiece
Strawn, Brent A.4 Stars - Excellent
Cass, Oren4½ Stars - Excellent
Darling, Daniel3 Stars - Good
The Outside World
The Outside World
Mirvis, Tovanot rated  
The Painted Table
The Painted Table
Suzanne Fieldnot rated  
Hiestand, Gerald; Wilson, Todd4 Stars - Excellent
The Pastor: A Memoir
The Pastor: A Memoir
Peterson, Eugene H.5 Stars - Masterpiece
Bovy, Phoebe Maltz4 Stars - Excellent
Erme, Merve4 Stars - Excellent
Gehrz, Christopher; Pattie III, Mark4 Stars - Excellent
Harpur, James4 Stars - Excellent
Starke, John4 Stars - Excellent
Mesquita, Bruce Bueno De4 Stars - Excellent
Koessler, John3 Stars - Good
Clapper, Gregory S.3 Stars - Good

Top Story May 26, 2020

Who Am I That I Should Lead?
Who Am I That I Should Lead?
Some people need warnings to avoid the spotlight. Others need encouragement to step up.

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