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Book TitleAuthorRating
Crossroads: A Novel
Crossroads: A Novel
Franzen, Jonathan5 Stars - Masterpiece
Lederleitner, Mary T.not rated  
DeYoung, Kevin4 Stars - Excellent
Hummel, Daniel G.4 Stars - Excellent
Yarhouse, Mark; Zaporozhets, Olya4 Stars - Excellent
McGee, Jameel; Collins, Andrew3 Stars - Good
Williams, Thaddeus J.3 Stars - Good
Krattenmaker, Tom4 Stars - Excellent
Reinke, Tony4 Stars - Excellent
Giboney, Justin; Wear, Michael; Butler, Chris4 Stars - Excellent
Alsup, Wendy3½ Stars - Good
Zempel, Heather not rated  
Gilbert, Elizabeth4 Stars - Excellent
Come Sunday: A Novel
Come Sunday: A Novel
Morley, Isla4 Stars - Excellent
Wax, Trevin3 Stars - Good
City of Tranquil Light: A Novel
City of Tranquil Light: A Novel
Caldwell, Bonot rated  
White, James Emery3 Stars - Good
Murray, Kitti3 Stars - Good
Christmas: A Biography
Christmas: A Biography
Flanders, Judith5 Stars - Masterpiece
Bowler, Gerry4 Stars - Excellent
MacCulloch, Diarmaidnot rated  
Stanley, Brian4 Stars - Excellent
Tanner, Kathryn4 Stars - Excellent
Bowman, Matthew2½ Stars - Fair
Kaemingk, Matthew4 Stars - Excellent

Top Story May 25, 2022

Pastors in the Valley of Death Row
Pastors in the Valley of Death Row
While a win for religious liberty, the Ramirez ruling will take a traumatic toll on an already burdened profession.

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