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Bishop Appeals For End To Violence In Zimbabwe
Political intimidation has mounted in the run-up to the March presidential election
Czech Churches Protest Against Law Bringing Religion Under State Control
New legislation limits church projects, gives government jurisdiction over opening places of worship.
Witnesses Accused of Failing to Report Abuse
Two sisters are suing Watchtower Bible and Tract Society over policy to keep suspicions of sexual crime within the church
The annual December dilemma finds public institutions striving to be sensitive to all faiths
Violence Erupts in Sri Lanka as Churches Look to New PM to Bring Peace
The island nation reels from an ethnic conflict which has claimed more than 64,000 lives since 1983.
Tanks at the Manger
Some would like to forget that Christmas—and religion in general—has political significance.
Bush's Defining Moment
The President, facing a grief-stricken nation under attack, finds his voice and his mission
Congress: Justice Delayed
Sudan Peace Act may be a casualty of the war on terrorism.
Vouchers: High Court to Take Up Vouchers
Justices have agreed to determine constitutionality of Ohio program
Afghanistan: Caught in the Crossfire
Family, churches press for release of American missionaries in Kabul
Moscow Bans Salvation Army
Embattled ministry appeals judicial ruling
Government Decision To Settle Residential School Cases Upsets Churches
Religious leaders complain that the settlement proposal was made without their input.
Aid Workers Urge Foreign Political Intervention in Afghanistan
Ethnic tensions and frequent violence threaten stabilization in the country.
Shaking Hands with Thugs
Sometimes setting aside human rights is the way to ensure their ultimate victory.
Law Could Curb Foreign Donations To Churches, Indian Christians Worry
Stringent legislation is aimed at cutting off terrorist funding, but could hurt non-government organizations.
Australia: Leaders Press for Refugee Asylum
Christians demand Australian government show compassion
Nicaragua: Sandinista Candidate Divides Evangelicals
Some Christians fear return of Daniel Ortega to the presidency of Nicaragua
Planned Law on Religious Hatred Prompts Protests
Critics fear that Britain's religious freedom legislation might have the opposite effect.
Dayna Curry Will Celebrate Her 30th Birthday in a Taliban Prison
"With trial indefinitely postponed, the future is murky for Shelter Now hostages."
Criminal Attacks on Polish Churches Prompt Security Campaign
Armed robberies of Roman Catholic parishes have quadrupled since the early 1990s.

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