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At the Crossroads
Evangelicals have become major players in American culture, and that may be their biggest problem.
Vietnam's 'Appalling' Persecution
Activists want Washington to confront Communist leaders for torturing and killing Christians
Ex-Muslims Harrassed in Egypt
Egyptian state security police arrested and tortured Christian converts
One Nation Under God—Sort of
We've got bigger problems than the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Name Game
A Roman Catholic archdiocese sues over the word catholic.
The Tourist Attraction That Isn't There
Alabama's Ten Commandments monument still drawing visitors despite its absence from the state Supreme Court building.
Afghan Constitution Provides Little Protection for Religion
Nod to freedom of practice is too limited, critics say.
Massachusetts court backs gay marriage
The twelfth of never
Bush administration drastically lowers goals for faith-based initiative.
Supremely Rejected
Lower-court decisions the Supreme Court let stand
An After-Christmas Gift
"A homeless man, an angel, and a reminder about our final home"
Threatening the Amish
How the Amish solve the legal problems of civil liberties
'A Man and a Woman'
Activists say the Federal Marriage Amendment will be the defining issue in the next election
Work over Welfare
Former Illinois Senator Paul Simon discusses his plan to put the poor to work
Censoring Christmas
Public Christmas displays, like the Ten Commandments, are allowed—as long as they don't mean anything religious
Accidental Revolutionary
How one woman fought for a just tax
'Jesus Tax' Plan Dies
Alabama's fiscal debate exposes a divide between Christians
Ancient Christian Commentary on Current Events: What Is War Good For?
What early church leaders thought of Christians and the military
University Forbids 'Offensive' Tracts
Messianic Jew sues University of New Orleans over ban
Violated Felons
Christians help lead federal campaign against prison rape

Top Story September 30, 2023

Artsakh Exodus: Armenians Mourn as 98,000 Flee Christian Homeland
Artsakh Exodus: Armenians Mourn as 98,000 Flee Christian Homeland
Azerbaijani offensive shatters 33-year effort at nation-building, depopulating majority of enclave from fear of genocide. Despite depression, Bible Society leader says, “God will not abandon us.”

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