Politics+Current Affairs

The Life of Bryan
Michael Kazin explains why American politics needs another William Jennings Bryan.
Doubts About Fish Story
Anti-Darwinists downplay 'missing link.'
Money Talks
Activists hope to change North Korea by punishing China's economy.
Finally, Some Overdue Good News in the Battle Against AIDS
"Global slowing" is about as good as it gets when you're talking about this disease.
Kentucky Asks What Year Is It?
After evolution fights comes dispute over A.D. vs. C.E.
The Founding Fathers' Days of Prayer
The young country often found it needed to turn to God.
CT News Briefs
Palestinian Bible Society bookshop threatened, closed; church political activities investigated; Wal-Mart carries the pill.
Stopping Genocide—Again
Ethnic bloodshed in Sudan's Darfur region remains the top crisis for U.N. ambassador John Bolton.
The ACLU Is Not Evil
And neither are many people with whom we disagree.
Gridlock on Genocide
Pressure on Sudan mounts, but the killing continues in Darfur.
Homeland Security's Catch-22 for Exiles
'Ridiculous' interpretation of law bars thousands.
Whose Law in Afghanistan?
High-profile apostasy case highlights legal contradictions.
Religious Freedom Isn't Free
Rights to faith and liberty are at risk in Afghanistan.
Biopolitics: Can't We All Just Get Along?
Plus: The latest from the Korean cloning scandal.
A Prayer for Lenas and Luis
How one racially diverse church ministers to foreigners, while submitting to Caesar.
Should Evangelicals Support Bush's Foreign Policy if He Can't Guarantee Religious Freedom?
Case of Afghan convert causes some to question democracy push in the Middle East.
Nigerian Archbishop Demands Justice
Peter Akinola affirms warning to government and Muslims, fires back on the Western press.
Straight Talk from the Pope on the Biotech Century
The "anti-Genesis" of those who play God, and why the biotech business needs to take ethics seriously.
Aborting the Disabled
A bill before the Senate hopes to better inform mothers about diagnosed disabilities, while a study confirms that women can feel pressured to terminate their pregnancy if tests find a disability.
Alien Proposals
Evangelical leaders divided over moral, policy questions on immigration.

Top Story June 22, 2024

What If the Christian Sexual Ethic Becomes a Feature, Not a Bug?
What If the Christian Sexual Ethic Becomes a Feature, Not a Bug?
Evangelicals tend to assume our sexual ethic is deeply unpopular. But the wind may be shifting as thought leaders increasingly declare Christianity a cultural asset.

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