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Pastor, State Senator Considering Illinois Gubernatorial Run
James Meeks, head of state's largest church, seeks to overcome social conservatives' racial barrier.
Blessed is the Law—Up to a Point
A gentle challenge—and invitation—to the critics of our recent immigration editorial.
Outsourcing Birth: Let an Indian Woman Have Your Baby
Plus: Good news from Europe on stem-cell funding.
Was George Washington a Christian?
A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
Blessed Are the Courageous
When it comes to immigration policy, let's remember who we're talking about.
Appreciate Our Efforts
Don't patronize or belittle Rwandan Christians committed to progress.
Zimbabwe Nightmare
Christians try to negotiate ministry in southern Africa's most failed state.
Military Culture War
Armed services debate prayer 'in Jesus' name.'
Quotation Marks
Recent comments by John Roberts, John Piper, Kelly Clark, and Pat Robertson.
Cartoon Chaos
Muslims aren't the only ones guilty of acting out inappropriately.
The Abortion Agenda: South Dakota's Move in Context
Plus: The latest on the biopolicy agenda and some outrageous lies on stem cells.
What Was CPT Doing in Iraq?
The original vision of a peacemaker force from the man who started it.
Our Cloning Friends, the Brits
The U.K. and disaffected American researchers lash out at U.S. cloning laws.
Failed Compromise on Gay Rights
Dobson-backed bill scuttled by Left and Right.
After Shocking Defeat for U.K. 'Hate' Bill, Debate Goes International
Christian protests help deliver Blair rare loss.
Forcing the Church Books Open
One financial disclosure bill was killed in Massachusetts, but the debate lives on.
Abortion Ban Exposes Competing Strategies
South Dakota hopes bill will topple Roe, but some pro-lifers lament the timing.
The Truth, the Partial Truth, and Nothing but Evasions
How to sell unethical science.
Go Figure
Recent stats on evangelicals and abortion, and American spirituality.
The Art of Abortion Politics
A unanimous Supreme Court decision opens the door to real change.

Top Story June 22, 2024

What If the Christian Sexual Ethic Becomes a Feature, Not a Bug?
What If the Christian Sexual Ethic Becomes a Feature, Not a Bug?
Evangelicals tend to assume our sexual ethic is deeply unpopular. But the wind may be shifting as thought leaders increasingly declare Christianity a cultural asset.

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