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Public Religion: Sidestepping Pluralism
National Prayer Breakfast drops Muslim from program.
Bring on the Pentagrams
Schools wrestle with religious freedom in the classroom.
'New' China: Same Old Tricks
"Top communists, despite their denials, endorse arrest and torture of Chinese Christians by the thousands."
Out of Uniform: Flier Shuns Abaya
Air Force officer fights rule requiring her to wear Muslim covering.
Church vs. State: Churches Seek Help in Abuse Suits
Mediation may help in determining financial liability in Canadian abuse cases.
Faith-Based Setback: Court Strips Faith Works of State Funds
Wisconsin vows to appeal setback of Bush-supported initiative.
Workplace Bias: Religious Bias Case Back on Track
Federal appeals court reinstates Victoria Leyva's religious discrimination suit.
Government Rethinks Nazareth Mosque
A special committee debates whether the new structure would overwhelm the adjacent church site.
Shortchanging Charities
Americans will surrender their constitutional values if nobody acts to expand Charitable Choice.
On Befriending Presidents
Billy Graham's relationship with Richard Nixon was already a controversy in 1972.
Catholic Welcome for Israeli Decision on Controversial Mosque in Nazareth
Allowing the mosque to be built would be seen as yielding to violence, Israeli official says
The Agony of the Families
"As aid workers in Afghanistan went from defendants under draconian law to hostages in a war, their loved ones at home also underwent a trial"
Midterm Exams
"GOP, Democrats count on religious vote for congressional campaigns."
Afghanistan: Entrapment Suspected
Shelter Now leader believes workers were pawns in Taliban scheme
The Holy City
"A mayoral ban in Inglis, Florida designates the town free of Satan"
Trafficking in Religion
"If caught for speeding, you can pray instead of pay"
Peru's Supreme Court Rules Against de Vinate
Inter-American human rights court may be the evangelical's last hope.
Australian Governor-General Feels Heat Over Handling of Abuse Case
Former Anglican archbishop Peter Hollingworth denies that he failed to offer support to victim's family.
Australian Church's Sexual Assault Crisis Deepens
Former Anglican priest in New South Wales sentenced to 11 years in prison.
The State of the Faith-Based Initiative
One year after Bush outlined his plan to let religious social-service groups compete for government funds, little has actually made it through Congress.

Top Story October 3, 2023

A Tribute to a Quiet Baseball Star in an Age of Christian Celebrity
A Tribute to a Quiet Baseball Star in an Age of Christian Celebrity
Instead of flashy religiosity, Tim Wakefield had a privately influential faith.

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