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We Can't Stop Now, by Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed is a Republican strategist, president of Century Strategies, author of Active Faith (Free Press), and former executive director of the Christian Coalition.
Have We Settled for Caesar?, by Cal Thomas
Cal Thomas is a syndicated columnist and the coauthor (with Edward Dobson) of Blinded by Might: Can the Religious Right Save America? (Zondervan). From 1980 to 1985 he served as vice president for communications of the Moral Majority.
I'd Do It All Again
In a 1999 article, Jerry Falwell explains why Christians shouldn't give up on the Religious Right
Fighting the Wrong Battle
Don Eberly, a former aide in the Reagan White House, is founder of the National Fatherhood Initiative and director of the Civil Society Project.
The Dragon Slayer
He fights for religious liberty, defends the civil rights of homosexuals, and funded Paula Jones's case against the President—the enigmatic John Wayne Whitehead.
How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend
How much truth can We take?
South Africa's Christian experiment for finding healing from its violent past.
The Struggle for Lincoln's Soul
Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian? A look at the evidence.
Cuba's Next Revolution
How Christians are reshaping Castro's Communist stronghold.
Robert Bork: Give Me Liberty, But Don't Give Me Filth
The legal theorist and Supreme Court nominee makes a case for censorship.
EDITORIAL: For Whom the Bell Curves
Intellectual smugness devalues the Christian teaching that one's character is vastly more important than what one knows.
Conservatives Gain Upper Hand
No Conservative Tide on Homosexual Rights
Michigan Judge Nixes 'Charter Schools'
Religious Schools Fear Accreditation Changes
Are religious exemptions for accreditation about to become history?
Pentecostals Renounce Racism
Memphis gathering begins mending historic rift.
Graham Preaches Reconciliation in Atlanta
Atlantans, black and white, strive for racial understanding.

Top Story May 29, 2023

Worship Music Is Emotionally Manipulative. Do You Trust the Leader Plucking the Strings?
Worship Music Is Emotionally Manipulative. Do You Trust the Leader Plucking the Strings?
The Spirit is at work, but so are the mechanisms around high-production sets.

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