Politics+Current Affairs

God Reigns-Even in Alabama
Let's not make the Commandments into a graven image
Go Figure
Recent figures on faith and politics
The Unflappable Condi Rice
Why the world's most powerful woman asks God for help
Quotation Marks
"Recent comments about politics, bias against Christians, and Pat Robertson's support of Charles Taylor"
'The Privilege of Struggle'
How Rice understands suffering and prayer
Hard Line on the Road Map
Can Rice put pressure on the nation she admires?
Curbing Big Brother
Christians urge Ashcroft to respect freedom in surveillance law.
How to Really Keep the Commandments in Alabama—and Elsewhere
Since when did the public display of the Ten Commandments become the eleventh commandment?
"Bill Pryor, the Man in the Middle"
Alabama attorney general catches flak from all sides
Being the Leaven
Why only a handful of Sri Lankan Christians wage peace via the difficult political process
Israel's Anti-Family Values
Christians should be outraged by a law thwarting Israeli-Palestinian marriages
Watch that Invocation
Prayer in Jesus' name forbidden in California legislative meetings
Courting Trouble
Christians oppose embedding Islamic tribunals in Kenya's new constitution
Ignoring God in the Constitution
Draft fails to acknowledge Europe's Christian heritage
Cross Purposes
Wearing the Christian symbol can be a problem in places like Saudi Arabia and Pennsylvania
Federal Judge Rules Parts of Church Land-Use Law Unconstitutional
Groups plan to help Elsinore Christian Center appeal zoning case
"Religious Conservatives, Stalemated Despite Friends in High Office, Rethink Strategy"
Supreme Court's sodomy decision causes fresh soul searching on effectiveness
Ken Connor Resigns from Family Research Council
Former trial lawyer now considering Senate bid favors judicial strategy over Federal Marriage Amendment
The Evangelical View of Israel?
Evangelicals are more diverse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than we are led to believe
Working Poor, Dropped from Tax Cut at Last Minute, May Be Helped After All
Biblical principles of justice support a graduated, progressive tax system in which those with more wealth pay a larger share

Top Story September 30, 2023

Artsakh Exodus: Armenians Mourn as 98,000 Flee Christian Homeland
Artsakh Exodus: Armenians Mourn as 98,000 Flee Christian Homeland
Azerbaijani offensive shatters 33-year effort at nation-building, depopulating majority of enclave from fear of genocide. Despite depression, Bible Society leader says, “God will not abandon us.”

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