Lessons in Nation-Building From a Fledgling Democracy
Shays's Rebellion describes a time when revolution was no longer cool
Letter from Spain
A former resident returns to find that it is still stony ground for the Gospel
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Getting Beyond Victimology
A provocative collection of essays for the black silent majority.
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Divine Numbers
Can you say Christian and mathematics in the same sentence?
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Another Third Way?
The mixed record of Catholic social thought
Taken Prisoner
Stories from the far-flung frontiers of the British Empire, 1600-1850, challenge our preconceptions
Double Indemnity Meets Dead Souls
A conversation with novelist Richard Dooling
Books Present, Books Past, and Books to Come
A new format for this column
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Encounters of the Gods
Christianity and Native American religion in early America.
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Strange Bedfellows
Christopher Hitchens and Christopher Caldwell collaborate on a collection of political writing. Has the millennium arrived unnoticed?
Street Cred
Dave Eggers: The portrait of an artist as a—what?
Boys Will Be Boys
A new book by a leading Christian feminist scholar inadvertently reveals the flawed assumptions underlying much talk about flexibility in gender roles
Entertain Us
Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and the rapture of distress
Books of the Year
The top ten. (OK-make that twelve.)
Of Moths and Men Revisited
A Darwinian debate
Weird Science?
A Darwinian debate continues.
Epicurus'—and Darwin's—Dangerous Idea
How we became hedonists
Subversive Literature
A report from Toronto, where scholars of religion are holding their annual meeting
Train Up a Child
Helping children to become intimately familiar with Scripture
Number One with a Bullet
America's foist family as a tool for evangelism

Top Story May 19, 2024

The Miracle of the Ear
The Miracle of the Ear
Speech was not God’s only miracle at Pentecost. The Spirit also gave the gift of understanding, overcoming division and contempt.

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