Rediscovering 'Husbandry'
What Colonial farmers have to teach us about living with the land.
Books & Culture's Books of the Week: 'Be Happy!'
How the ancient Olympics differed from the modern spectacle.
We've Got Books
The first installment of our new midyear book report.
Real Fantasy
The first installment in a new Tolkien-inspired series shows genuine promise.
(Not Just) Summer Reading
Part 2 of our midyear report on outstanding books.
Book 'Em!
The concluding installment of our three-part midyear book roundup.
Be Careful What You Pray for
The strange tale of the controversial Bishop Pike and his fatal quest for relevance.
'Books & Culture' Corner: Tending the Garden
Evangelicals and the environment.
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Ambiguous Redemption
A riveting memoir by the author of Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight.
The Art of Political War
A veteran columnist urges his fellow liberals to take a lesson from those nasty conservatives.
Insect Theodicy
Who sent the locusts? And who exterminated them?
Wasn't That a Mighty Fall
Martha Stewart, VeggieTales, and Narnia revisted.
A Curious Contingency
Confessions of a wordsmith.
Celebrating Faith in Writing
A dispatch from Calvin College's biennial event.
Rediscovering the Language Jesus Spoke
Millions of Americans have spent two hours listening to the characters in Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ speaking in an exotic, unfamiliar tongue. Yet not all find Aramaic so alien.
Books & Culture's Books of the Week: Mistakes Were Made
Four of the Seven Deadly Sins, as seen from a contemporary vantage point.
Baseball Preview 2004
Plus a look back with some Negro League veterans.
Lessons from a Hostage Pastor in Colombia
A young minister works to prevent guerrilla kidnappings.
O'Connor v. the Antichrist
A hillbilly Thomist pushes back against modernity.
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Urban Eden
"In City: Urbanism and Its End, a new history of New Haven, Connecticut, the city (in its late 19th-century form) is an ambiguous heaven-and the suburbs that relentlessly followed are hell. Which leaves us where, exactly?"

Top Story May 19, 2024

The Miracle of the Ear
The Miracle of the Ear
Speech was not God’s only miracle at Pentecost. The Spirit also gave the gift of understanding, overcoming division and contempt.

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