Editor's Note

Our May Issue: Social Science and Spiritual Formation
Can research about the fruit of the spirit make you a better Christian?
Our April Issue: Mystically United in Christ
All we are is his. And he is ours. What a glorious mystery.
Christians, Retreating Isn't a Failure of Nerve
We need a tactical withdrawal to regroup the church for the days ahead.
How Much Attention Does Luther Really Deserve?
How to celebrate one of history’s biggest celebrities.
In This Issue: Our Sustaining Force
How the gospel truth lightens our load.
The Other 'Christianity Today'
Learning from our fundamentalist predecessor.
Better Than Olive Garden
When you’re here, you’re family—really.
Creating for Good
Our hope isn't simply to solve a perceived problem, but to address deeper causes.
Healing Power
The operative word behind this issue of CT.
Responsible Freedom
Part of our job is to help you think well.
Introducing Quick to Listen, a New Podcast from Christianity Today
Our contribution toward making the Internet a less noisy place.
It Takes a Church to Protest
Why civil disobedience runs in our blood.
What Every Issue of CT Is About
We are all 'part of a great and mighty cosmic work of God.'
Christian Culture Is Better Than We Imagine
Let's not forget the church's long legacy of creativity and excellence.
Created to Do Good Work
In praise of magenta-colored industry.
Not What You See on TV
Why we have hope for the church in a rapidly changing culture.
A History Lesson
Why we need one from time to time.
What We Mean by Prophecy
We all need a word of judgment—and of hope.
What the Mirror Can’t See
Only God knows what is in our hearts. But sociological findings can get us closer.
Hidden Casualties
How to see and serve veterans this summer.

Top Story May 7, 2021

India’s Christians Ask for Prayer as Virus Overwhelms Crematoriums
India’s Christians Ask for Prayer as Virus Overwhelms Crematoriums
Severe oxygen shortage one of many challenges as India suffers the world’s worst surge of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

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