Global Gospel Project

Election Is for Everyone
However we interpret the controversial doctrine, it's clear that salvation is never a human achievement.
Three Is the Loveliest Number
Why 'that Trinity stuff' is not a philosophical headache but a captivating picture of the Good and Beautiful.
The Key to a Purposeful Life
It's not imitating Christ, but union with him that makes the difference.
The Bonds of Freedom
There is paradox in the Christian understanding of what it means to be free.
What's His Is Ours
Christ's righteousness belongs to those who receive by faith God's promise of forgiveness.
Rejoicing in the Wrath: Why We Look Forward to the Judgment Day
You cannot have perfect justice without judgment.
The Resurrection: A Bridge Between Two Worlds
How the Resurrection infused my rational faith with a passionate hope.
Getting to the Crux of Calvary
Each atonement theory highlights a truth about the Cross—but none more so than Christ's substitutionary death.
Vicarious Humanity: By His Birth We Are Healed
Our redemption, it turns out, began long before Calvary.
Proof of a Good God: 'Crucified Under Pontius Pilate'
Why this 'factoid' from the Nicene Creed is key to ending our nightmares about God.
A Purpose-Driven Cosmos: Why Jesus Doesn't Promise Us an 'Afterlife'
Jesus Christ embodies the meaning of life, the goal of history, and the pattern of the future.
Jesus and the Goodness of Everything Human
Why it matters that God became the human prototype.
Learning to Read the Gospel Again
How to address our anxiety about losing the next generation.
Nurturing Mind and Soul
A systematic beginning for an old cause.
Making Disciples Today: Christianity Today's New Global Gospel Project
Introducing the magazine's new five-year teaching venture.
Why We Need Jesus
Reason and morality cannot show us a good and gracious God. For that, we need the Incarnation.
The Gospel at Ground Zero
The horrors of 9/11 were not unlike those of Good Friday.

Top Story June 15, 2021

How to Proclaim the Good News in the Fastest-Shrinking and Fastest-Growing Cities in America
How to Proclaim the Good News in the Fastest-Shrinking and Fastest-Growing Cities in America
As the US census charts a decade of dramatic changes, two congregations have lived it.

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