Wrestling with EternitySubscriber Access Only
For many, predestination is a struggle to accept; for Paul, it’s a doctrine of love.
You Are the Manure of the EarthSubscriber Access Only
Jesus' metaphor about salt was actually about fertilizer.
I Once Was Blind But Now... I’m Still BlindSubscriber Access Only
Discovering hope and healing for fallible followers through Jesus’ faithfulness in the Gospel of Mark.
Let Deuteronomy Awaken Your Inner ChildSubscriber Access Only
The Israelites needed a little less grown-up good sense, and a little more childlike wonder. So do we.
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Go Ahead, Evangelicals: Use the P-WordSubscriber Access Only
Only some believers are ordained. But all are priests.
Why God Gives Us WeaknessSubscriber Access Only
How I’ve come to identify with Gideon the wimp.
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Why I’m Not Hoping For HeavenSubscriber Access Only
Jesus’ miracles promise a better fate—including for my daughter, who died at age 32.
Christians Can't Help Abiding in ChristSubscriber Access Only
If we are in Jesus, we will stay connected to him.
The Lord Is My Shepherd or Predator?Subscriber Access Only
Many people today find the famous psalm troubling. But we need it now more than ever.
When God Hits Below the BeltSubscriber Access Only
Sometimes he pulls us into the ring—but he always gives us grace to endure.
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Good Behavior Matters After AllSubscriber Access Only
How I discovered God's plan to reach a lost and sinful world.
Was the Samaritan Woman Really an Adulteress?Subscriber Access Only
We know her as sexually immoral. Her community would have known otherwise.
J. I. Packer: How I Learned to Live JoyfullySubscriber Access Only
A wizened sage named Ecclesiastes tamed my youthful cynicism.
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My Own Pilgrim's ProgressSubscriber Access Only
Summoned by God, I learned to follow him in trust and vulnerability, even when I felt displaced.
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God Is Like a Movie DirectorSubscriber Access Only
Though unseen and unheard, he orchestrates the details of our lives—even when they are falling apart.
When Jesus Wanted All My MoneySubscriber Access Only
And everything else. How I learned he’s an all-or-nothing Lord.
Getting Brutally Honest with GodSubscriber Access Only
The psalms of lament invite us to voice our frustrations—and provide a reason to hope.
Beth Moore: When a Big God Escapes UsSubscriber Access Only
We sometimes fail to see Jesus for who he really is, even when he stands right before us.
Why Knowing About Jesus Is Not EnoughSubscriber Access Only
The day reading Philippians revealed to me a deeper knowledge.
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Top Story July 17, 2019
Proving That God Exists Without Opening a Bible
Proving That God Exists Without Opening a Bible
How human reason alone can lay a pathway from doubt to belief.
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