The Green Collection: Bibles and MoreSubscriber Access Only
The "Passages" exhibition will travel to Atlanta, the Vatican, New York, and other cities.
The Lasting Effects of Your SchoolSubscriber Access Only
A new survey found that Christian schooling makes a difference—and that different kinds of Christian education produce different results among their graduates.
Polling Evangelical LeadersSubscriber Access Only
Both unanimity and diversity emerge in a recent poll of the Lausanne delegates.
YouVersion's Volunteer ArmySubscriber Access Only
With more than 22 million users on mobile platforms, and millions more on its website, it has unusual success in creating a massive participatory system like Wikipedia or YouTube.
The Theology of Osama bin Laden's DeathSubscriber Access Only
Christians call for solemn reflection and thanksgiving.
Reformed Rap and Hip-HopSubscriber Access Only
Christian genre pioneers are taking their cues from Calvinist leaders.
What's a Congregation Worth?Subscriber Access Only
A look at whether a congregation adds economic value to its community.
Christian NamesSubscriber Access Only
Does giving your child a biblical name enhance the child's spiritual development?
How Evangelicals GiveSubscriber Access Only
Church members' giving is decreasing in the recession, especially as a percentage of income.
Top 10 News Stories of 2010Subscriber Access Only
The events, people, and debates of the past year that have shaped, or will significantly shape, evangelical life, thought, or mission.
Today's PilgrimsSubscriber Access Only
Like the settlers of Plymouth Colony, today's refugees and asylum seekers have fled their homelands because of persecution of several kinds—not just religious.
Evangelical vs. Mainline PoliticsSubscriber Access Only
A new study suggests that evangelical pastors have been more likely to take public stances and candidates than their mainline cohorts.
Getting Obama's Faith WrongSubscriber Access Only
So if 18 percent of Americans think Obama is a Muslim, is that a large number or a small one? Find out what 18 percent of Americans also believe.
Before We Were HipstersSubscriber Access Only
How Christians of the past 50 years have garnered countercultural street cred.
The Future(s) of MissionsSubscriber Access Only
This year, four world missionary conferences are celebrating the Edinburgh meeting's centennial, but with distinctly different views of its legacy and future.
Reforming Health Care ReformSubscriber Access Only
How states are blocking abortion coverage.
What We Learned About AfricaSubscriber Access Only
The Pew Forum issued an extensive report on the world's "most religious" continent.
American Idols and SaintsSubscriber Access Only
Newsweek, Fox News, and others debate whether the "Christian viewer vote" has become too powerful.
Haiti by the NumbersSubscriber Access Only
The death toll, donations, and damage after the earthquake.
Robert Park's North Korea MissionSubscriber Access Only
A 28-year-old missionary was reportedly inspired by the martyrdom of Robert Jermain Thomas.
Top Story July 22, 2019
The Nazis Persecuted Him. The Soviets Killed Him. Today He’s Barely Known.
The Nazis Persecuted Him. The Soviets Killed Him. Today He’s Barely Known.
James Edwards’s biography recovers the memory of German theologian Ernst Lohmeyer.
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