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Yes, Jesus Has Always Been Our Boyfriend Subscriber Access Only
The biggest difference between old and new hymns isn't Trinitarian theology.
Under Discussion: Should Churches Dim the Lights for Worship?Subscriber Access Only
Does low lighting set a better mood, or mimic entertainment too much? Experts weigh in.
Should Unaccredited Bible Colleges Be Allowed to Grant Degrees?Subscriber Access Only
Some Christian schools challenge an Illinois requirement. Experts weigh in.
Should Pastors Stop Signing Civil Marriage Certificates?Subscriber Access Only
First Things says yes. Survey finds 1 in 4 pastors agree.
What Was the Best News of 2014?Subscriber Access Only
Observers weigh in on the year’s events that will most shape evangelical life, thought, or mission.
Does My Local Church Have Authority to Declare That I Am Not a Christian?Subscriber Access Only
A new Lifeway survey found that 9 in 10 evangelicals say no. Here's how Christian leaders responded.
Should Satan Be Part of Evangelism and Early Discipleship?Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) The Devil is too distracting at baptisms, major denomination decides.
Should Pastors Stop Saying, 'the Bible Says'?Subscriber Access Only
Andy Stanley challenges one of Billy Graham’s favorite phrases. Experts weigh in.
Should Christians Stop Studying the Teachings of Fallen Pastors?Subscriber Access Only
Demand for sermons can stay strong even after the preacher's moral failure.
Did Jesus Make Mistakes?Subscriber Access Only
Mark Driscoll says yes, though Jesus never sinned. Experts weigh in.
Should Christian Colleges Let Female Faculty Teach Men the Bible?Subscriber Access Only
A Christian college changes its mind.
Are Spontaneous Baptisms Healthy for the Church?Subscriber Access Only
Steven Furtick's Elevation Church holds spontaneous baptisms. Experts weigh in on the practice.
Do Celebrity Debates Help Christian Persuasion?Subscriber Access Only
Ken Ham and Bill Nye will debate creationism. Experts discuss whether such debates are helpful.
Should Christians Read Through the Entire Bible in One Year?Subscriber Access Only
Thinking about starting back at Genesis 1 this New Year's? Experts weigh in on whether that's the best plan.
Should Christian Colleges Encourage Students to Marry Each Other?Subscriber Access Only
A Facebook study says they're good at it. Experts weigh in on whether they should do more.
Should Foreign Policy Be Determined by its Impact on Christians?Subscriber Access Only
Where leading American Christian scholars disagree.
Is Preachers of L.A. Good for the Church?Subscriber Access Only
The NRB warns that new Oxygen show could prompt political action.
Should Pastors Rebuke Parishioners from the Pulpit?Subscriber Access Only
Experts weigh in on Jim Standridge's recent, mid-sermon rant.
Should Churches Stop Sponsoring Boy Scout Troops?Subscriber Access Only
Experts weigh in on whether or not churches should disassociate with the youth organization over its gay-members policy.
Can a Christian Family Ever Be Too Big?Subscriber Access Only
Experts weigh in on trying to discern God’s will for each family’s size.

Top Story June 4, 2020

Christians Fight to Bring Adopted Kids Home from Overseas
Christians Fight to Bring Adopted Kids Home from Overseas
The pandemic left families stranded, plans delayed, and some adoptions called off entirely, following a year of historic lows and increased government regulations.

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