I unearth You

across languages,

excavate You

from borderlands,

a divine map of Imago Dei.

You fill with Agua Bendita

a catechism of

ravine-carved questions,

exegesis pours out from where

I kneel before your throne—te alabaré.

Overflow washes this

sin-laden throat &

gives nueva vida,

from Your eternal word.

An anchored praxis.

I drink of You,

fuente de mi alma.

I press in

to transculturation where

I first found You in varying robes.

I worship You in distinct tongues

of faith, familia, and community.

En lo cotidiano, my activism is

Holy Spirit work, surrendered.

To God be the rooted glory.

DREAMers are generations

of hopeful theology held

rapt in canyonous palms.

God is the only One

who walks el peregrinaje with a wearied traveler.

I am filled with adoration.

Esperanza spills over

from a porous bucket

near the well of seminary

I proclaim


bendito sea tu nombre.

Blessed be Your name.

I discover You

in the East—a daybreak kiss,

majestic embrace

right before the fall,

amidst the sacrosanct.

From prayer to meal,

a feast of plenty.

In the priceless purchase

for me in Getsemaní

before crucifix & salvation.

From farm work

to soulwork,

I find You on hands,

lifted up high, our voices cantando

coritos in Alleluia praise.

From matriculation

to liberation—a great exodus.

You rip me from chains,

honor the holiness in me—

mirror of shared wounds.

You call to me,

Mi hija, draw near.

You champion my cause

spell out in verse

how alive You are in me.

I unearth You

across tongues where You

fill the unequipped

with new voice

and continued purpose.

You disentomb me from

history—una resurrección

de la historia liberada.

You call me and I am risen

alongside You.