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Died: Francis Sunderaraj, Indian Evangelical Leader Who Encouraged Education
Under his leadership, a popular Sunday school curriculum was translated into 32 languages and dialects.
Christianity Today in 2022: Our Top News, Reviews, Podcasts, and More
A year in review of our most popular articles and favorite stories.
CT’s 2022 Cover Stories, Ranked
In case you missed them, here are our most-read print cover stories.
10 Leaders Evangelicals Lost in 2022
Remembering a Bible smuggler, a speechwriter, a queen, and others.
CT’s Top 20 Stories of 2022
Heresies, harassment, and Her Majesty’s death: Here are the stories Christians engaged with this year.
CT’s Stories of 2022 That You May Have Missed
From AI preachers to social media features, here are some stories that flew under the radar this last year.
The Global Church in 2022: CT’s Top 20 International Stories
Our most-read stories from around the world, from Sri Lanka to Thailand to Ukraine.
Top 10 CT News Stories of the Year
From “Dobbs” to a bombshell SBC abuse report, we ranked the most significant evangelical headlines from 2022.
Top 10 ‘Russell Moore Show’ Episodes of 2022
From abortion and climate change to the SBC’s reckoning on abuse, these episodes drew the most attention.
Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2022
From papyrus in Montana to ivory in Jerusalem, these are the discoveries that made scholars of the biblical world say “wow” this year.
What Language Is This? Coptic Comes to Christmas
A new song highlights a growing interest outside the Egyptian church in reviving an ancient language of the Christian world.
Is Christmas a ‘Western’ Holiday in Asia?
Theologians and church leaders around the region share how December 25 is perceived in their contexts.
Christians Respond to Nationalists’ Call to Boycott Christmas in China
Chinese believers reflect on the relationship between faith and culture and rethink their seasonal evangelism.
We Three Kings? Interpretations of the Magi ‘Traverse Afar’
Q&A with religious studies scholar Eric Vanden Eykel on the history, mystery, memes, and meaning of the wise men in the Book of Matthew.
Should Christians Support Indonesia Criminalizing Cohabitation and Extramarital Sex?
Local leaders weigh in on the Muslim-majority nation’s new penal code and whether governments should legislate morality.
Have Popular Carols Lost Their Sense of Worship?
Even with today’s nonstop Christmas soundtrack, churches can still embrace the storytelling and nostalgia that comes with seasonal hymns.
World Cup Showcases Christian Athletes and Actions in Qatar
Remembering the heroics and good works of athletes, coaches, and fans.
For Your Next Nativity Scene, Add a Dragon and a Baptismal Font
In the story of the Incarnation, symbols of death and danger remind us of God’s renewal.
Christmas Grafts Us into God’s Nontraditional Family
After losing my father as a child, I learned to see the Incarnation as my true lineage.
Apathy Used to Be a Virtue. But It’s Our Culture’s Hidden Vice.
How acedia became the enemy of our souls.

Top Story January 28, 2023

AI Might Teach, But It Can’t Preach
AI Might Teach, But It Can’t Preach
No, our future children or grandchildren will not be evangelized by a robot.

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