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Let There Be Radio: Lebanese Evangelicals Launch FM Station
Persevering amid the world’s biggest economic crisis, BeLight has found an appreciative audience by offering hope and local Arabic worship.
There’s No Such Thing as a Good Divorce
While divorce may sometimes be warranted and even necessary, it is never a cause for celebration.
Turkish and Syrian Christians Rally Relief After Earthquake Kills 20,000
(UPDATED) As death tolls climb and with churches of all denominations destroyed, local believers race to the frontlines of emergency response.
A Mighty Controversy Is This Lutheran Catechism
The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod resumes distribution of new annotated volume after detractors push back on essays.
People Perish for Lack of Religion
Deaths of despair are on the rise in our country. What is the role of the church?
The Ever-Present Memento Mori
How to remember that we must die on Ash Wednesday.
Dying to the Indispensable Self
Perhaps we need to hear Jesus’ words as a command to deny our default ways of valuing and measuring the self.
Exiles All the Way Home
We all yearn for the miraculous movement from wilderness to safety, and exile to belonging.
A Waste of Time, a Work of Love
The dawn of Easter reminds us that what the world might see as a waste can actually be a wonder.
Evangelicals Fear LGBT Blessings Proposal Would Split the Church of England
Tensions are high at this week’s General Synod, with leaders on both sides frustrated with the suggested compromise on same-sex marriage.
Report: 500 Ukrainian Churches and Religious Sites Damaged by Russian Military
One out of three destroyed or looted buildings tallied by Institute for Religious Freedom belong to evangelicals, accused of being “American spies.”
In Kenya, Sign Language Choir Helps Churches Embrace Deaf Culture
Over three decades, the Zion Praise Team has put its faith on display and challenged misconceptions around people with disabilities.
The Struggles of Men Are a Problem for Everyone
From school and work to fatherhood and friendship, we need a vision of manhood that both sexes can celebrate.
Two Congregations Force LGBT Debate on Evangelical Covenant Church
Can human sexuality be a nonessential issue for a denomination that seeks to “stand in the center”?
Report: Jean Vanier’s L’Arche Hid ‘Mystical-Sexual’ Sect for Decades
An independent commission concluded that dozens of women were violated by Vanier and his mentor under exploitative spiritual disciplines.
Job’s Wife Urged Him to ‘Curse God and Die.’ Caregivers Get It.
It’s not necessary to condone her exhortations to curse God. But we should seek to understand them.
‘For I Was Hungry’: The Verse Brazil’s Evangelicals Can Never Forget
Will we be remembered for our political aspirations or for feeding the famished?
We Shudder at Abraham Sacrificing Isaac. But We Have Our Own Altars.
We may flinch at seeing the revered patriarch nearly end his own son’s life. But what do we miss when viewing this story through contemporary eyes?
Joseph Forgave His Estranged Brothers. So Can You?
His response to his treacherous siblings invites us to reevaluate similar relationships in our lives.
Hagar’s Unhappiness Helps Me Parent Fragile Kids
From an enslaved Old Testament woman's trials, I learn to raise the “strawberry generation.”

Top Story March 23, 2023

Criminal or Not, Trump’s Case Is a Moral Test for Christians
Criminal or Not, Trump’s Case Is a Moral Test for Christians
The former president’s potential arrest shows that character does matter.

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