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Reaching the First Post-Christian Generation
Raised in a world of MTV, AIDS, and a trillion-dollar debt, Generation X is making new demands on the church
ARTICLE: Testing the Spiritualities
ARTICLE: Charting Dispensationalism
SIDEBAR: Dispensationalisms of the Third Kind
ARTICLE: Clocking Out
Women are choosing to leave the workforce in increasing numbers. What does this mean for the church?
Science Finds Religion at Symposium
Academic disciplines meet at C S. Lewis conference
New Catechism a Bestseller
Churches Challenge Synod Ruling
Martyrs' Lost Plane Recovered in Ecuador
Should Catholics and Evangelicals Join Ranks?
Ending the Cold War Between Theologians and Laypeople
Why Christian scholars don't trust laypeople, and what can be done to make the relationship better
Confronting Canada's Secular Slide
Why Canadian evangelicals thrive in a culture often indifferent to religious faith.
RE-Imagining Labeled 'Reckless'
PCUSA says conference pushed 'beyond the boundries.'
Divided Pentecostal Groups to Pursue Unity
The Church After Rodney King
Not violence, but indifference to the evil of race and class bias is the persistent sin of white Christians.

Top Story July 20, 2024

Historic First Baptist Dallas Sanctuary Burns in Four-Alarm Fire
Historic First Baptist Dallas Sanctuary Burns in Four-Alarm Fire
The 134-year-old landmark, now a nearby secondary meeting space for the church, went up in flames in downtown Dallas.

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