Maranatha! Music Comes of Age
“New Age” Carols
“A Sense of Rootedness”
Wandering Wassailers
Stryper Too Heavy for Christian Distributor
Refiner’s Fire: A Bright Light Off-Broadway
The Vital Connection in Worship
J. S. Bach: God’s Master Musician
He expressed a profound theology in music better than anyone has ever done.
Refiner’s Fire: Troubador of the Kingdom
Bob Dylan Finds His Source
A call into the bars, into the streets, into the world, to repentance.
Not Buying into the Subculture
Slow Train Coming reveals that Bob Dylan's quest for answers has been satisfied
Bob Dylan: Still Blowin' in the Wind
Christianity Today reviews Dylan's work before the singer's conversion to Christianity.
The Refiner’s Fire: The Dance
There Is More to Redemption than Meets the Ear
An inquiry into CHristian reponsibility in music
The Refiner’s Fire: Music

Top Story July 25, 2021

Cheer on These Christian Olympians from Around the World
Cheer on These Christian Olympians from Around the World
Meet the women and men who make their faith a priority as they compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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