Speaking Out

Our First Look at How Pompeo and Blinken See Religious Freedom Differently
Four takeaways from this week’s release of the State Department’s 2020 IRF report.
Proof That Political Privilege Is Harmful for Christianity
Our analysis of 166 nations suggests the biggest threat to Christian vitality is not persecution, affluence, education, or pluralism. It’s state support.
Vaccine Skeptics Need a Dose of Creation Theology
Medicine has limits. But as John Calvin knew, it can be an extraordinary gift from God.
Christians Need Win-Wins with Muslim Society More Than Wins in Court
What Malaysia’s High Court decision on Christian use of the word “Allah” means for the church.
Apologetics Can Flourish After RZIM. But Only With ‘Lowercase Leaders’ and the Local Church.
To detractors, Ravi Zacharias’s fall means the end of a movement. But his demise reminds us to deepen our core commitments to gospel work.
A Crack in the System: How Unfair Drug Sentencing Laws Disrupt Racial Justice
In the push for prison reform, Christians can stand against penalties that disproportionately affect minorities.
Why Christians Who Speak Jesus’ Language Can’t Agree on Their Name
It took Aramaic speakers 1,500 years to agree on Christology, now their main debate is over Assyrian identity. Could Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq encourage unity?
‘I’m Following the Cross’: Why Shahbaz Bhatti Died Defending Asia Bibi
Ten years after Pakistan’s highest Christian official was martyred, religious freedom advocates apply his life’s lessons.
True Love Waits to Regather
This Valentine’s Day, the church’s greatest act of affection for others is following health guidelines.
In the GameStop Frenzy, What If We’re All the 1 Percent?
Jesus’ economic justice doesn’t mean beating the rich at their own game.
10 Best Practices for Improving Religious Freedom in Complicated Countries
Lessons we learned from helping Vietnam become the first country to be peaceably removed from the United States’ blacklist of the worst persecutors of Christians and other believers.
Only Biblical Peacemaking Resolves Racial and Political Injustice
No other group is better situated to bring healing to this land than the church.
We Worship with the Magi, Not MAGA
Epiphany reminds us that faith is not a prop for political power.
We Need to Be Better Losers
The legitimacy of US elections requires someone to lose. For Christians, that should be okay.
6 Christian Sites Armenia Fears It Has Lost to Azerbaijan
Photo gallery captures cultural heritage that concerns Armenians most after ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh.
The Pandemic Demands We Honor the Aged
Caring for the elderly is more about duty and love than public policy.
How to Be Pro-Life in Our Real Lives
The Christian call to care for the vulnerable starts with facing the heightened needs in our own communities.
Dave Chappelle Is the Cultural Pastor America Needs
Let incisive comedy give us “eyes to see.”
‘First Freedom’ vs. Article 18: Will Biden Demote Religious Freedom in US Foreign Policy?
The president-elect can integrate it into a pragmatic human rights agenda without repudiating Trump’s legacy.
Evangelicals and Muslims: Not Brothers, But Best Friends
Why the World Evangelical Alliance is working hand in hand with Nahdlatul Ulama in an ambitious global initiative to counter religious extremism.

Top Story January 26, 2022

Ian Cron Answers Your Enneagram Questions
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 11|1 hr 8min
Ian Cron Answers Your Enneagram Questions
How the popular personality typing system finds its place in Christianity.

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