Speaking Out

A Velveteen ApologeticSubscriber Access Only
How two creatures dig a rabbit hole in my disbelief.
Appreciate Our EffortsSubscriber Access Only
Don't patronize or belittle Rwandan Christians committed to progress.
Living with TaresSubscriber Access Only
Why I stay in a church that has seriously strayed from biblical teaching.
The Almost Formerly ImportantSubscriber Access Only
Lessons of the old mainline for the new mainline.
Politically Driven InjusticeSubscriber Access Only
Fixing global poverty requires more than Rick Warren's PEACE plan.
If Thy Stomach Offends TheeSubscriber Access Only
Weight loss for me isn't about beauty or health.
Cure for the IDOP Holiday BluesSubscriber Access Only
It's not just about hearing sad stories and lamenting.
Silence on SufferingSubscriber Access Only
Where are the voices from the Christian community on cruel and degrading treatment of detainees?
Facing an Unwelcome TruthSubscriber Access Only
We can do better when it comes to bearing the burdens of battered women.
Latin American Evangelicals' Life Just Got HarderSubscriber Access Only
Pat Robertson's assassination call is more than just an ill-considred remark.
A More Perfect SocietySubscriber Access Only
Why I wouldn't want to live there.
The Resolution That Put the 'PC' in PCUSASubscriber Access Only
In its anti-Israel resolution, the Presbyterian General Assembly isn't speaking on behalf of members. A rabbi's opinion.
Life with DignitySubscriber Access Only
Let's not be too eager to pull the plug on our fellow image-bearers.
It's About GodSubscriber Access Only
Why Judge Roy Moore was right—a response to Ted Haggard.
Why Gay Marriage Would Be HarmfulSubscriber Access Only
Institutionalizing homosexual marriage would be bad for marriage, bad for children, and bad for society.
Don't Mimic Modern UniversitiesSubscriber Access Only
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