Speaking Out

A Plea to Save Artsakh’s Armenian Heritage
Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church details the “countless sacred spaces” in Nagorno-Karabakh at risk of becoming the “silent victims of conquest” by Azerbaijan.
Assessing Metropolitan Amfilohije, Whose Religious Freedom Fight Brought Down a Dynasty
An evangelical reflection on the legacy of Montenegro’s Orthodox leader, the highest-ranking clergy worldwide to die of COVID-19.
Advice for Armenians and Azerbaijanis, from Israel-Palestine
After three decades of reconciliation work in Jerusalem, here’s what I’ve learned when protracted conflict involves religion, land, and history.
How to Prevent the Next Evangelical Leadership Scandal
Working in PR, I’ve stepped in to help ministries after a crisis hits. What they need is more accountability before it happens.
From Persecuted to Polarized: What US Evangelicals Can Learn from Colombia
In the Western Hemisphere’s longest armed conflict, suffering has often inspired evangelical solidarity. Now the body of Christ is succumbing to self-harm.
De la persecución a la polarización: lo que los evangélicos estadounidenses pueden aprender de los cristianos colombianos
En el conflicto más largo del hemisferio occidental, a menudo el sufrimiento ha inspirado la solidaridad evangélica. Ahora, el cuerpo de Cristo está sucumbiendo ante la autolesión.
Teaching Politics at Belmont Has Me Worried About the State of Debate
Long before coming to campus, President Trump has shaped our class discussions, for better and worse.
Amy Coney Barrett’s Message: The Maternal Hero Is a Myth
The trope of mother as superparent is a resounding rejection of grace.
The Courts Alone Can’t Protect Christian Colleges
Fuller Seminary’s recent win is worth celebrating. But the legal rights of faith-based schools are still at risk.
That the World May Know: How I Pray for Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Other Wars
As my Armenian family grieves for Artsakh, John 17 offers a guide for all Christians to intercede for all conflicts.
The DC Mayor Doesn’t Get to Define Church
Why Capitol Hill Baptist is standing by the physical gathering as a biblical requirement.
Chinese Christians Deserve a Better Label Than ‘Persecuted’
Xi's government isn't friendly to religion. But its actions shouldn't color how we think of believers there.
Political Riptides Rip Us Apart
A religious undercurrent mandates we stay calm and not panic as cultural oceans roil.
Coronavirus Church Closures Are Not Persecution
Restrictions on worship are unsettling and, in some cases, illegal. But American Christians must protect the intensity and veracity of the term.
The Pandemic Sent Thousands of Orphans Back to Their Families. Let’s Keep Them There.
The coronavirus outbreak will be either the worst or the best thing to happen to the world’s institutionalized children. It’s our choice.
Evangelical Witness Is Compromised. We Need Repentance and Renewal.
The National Association of Evangelicals calls Christians to affirm their moral leadership.
I Can Pray Heartily for the President and Still Hold Him Accountable
How Trump’s illness has (and hasn’t) changed the way I intercede for leaders.
The Supreme Court Needs to Be Less Central to American Public Life
Here’s what evangelicals should expect—and not expect—from the highest court in the land.
Christian Colleges Are in Crisis. Here’s What That Means for the Church.
If we save them, our schools can be beacons of light for the Christian community.
I’ve Experienced This Cultural Moment Before … in Russia
Why America today feels like Russia in the early ’90s and why that’s an opportunity for Christians.

Top Story January 26, 2022

Ian Cron Answers Your Enneagram Questions
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 11|1 hr 8min
Ian Cron Answers Your Enneagram Questions
How the popular personality typing system finds its place in Christianity.

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