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أيها المسيحيّون، دعونا نُساهم في تسطيح المُنحنى، ولكن لِنبقَ "ديانة تهتم بالمرضى"
أطبّاء يتأمّلون لاهوتياً بثلاثة مُساهماتٍ مسيحية فريدة لاستعدادات فيروس كورونا المستجد (كوفيد-١٩)
Cosa Lutero Ci Insegna Sul Coronavirus
È fedele chi vuole sfuggire a un’epidemia? 
La riflessione del riformatore tedesco sulla peste può fungere da guida per i cristiani in Cina e dovunque il virus di Wuhan si è diffuso.
Online Communion Can Still Be Sacramental
The bread and the cup Zoomed for you.
Cristianos, ‘aplanemos la curva’ pero sigamos siendo una ‘religión para los enfermos’
Los médicos reflexionan teológicamente sobre tres contribuciones cristianas distintivas a las preparaciones de COVID-19.
The Pandemic in Prison
You can’t lock it up without letting it loose.
On Living in a Pandemic Age
Augustine, C. S. Lewis, and the perfection of fear.
The Case for Sheltering in Place Without Screens
Our lives have gotten smaller. We can also make them simpler.
Christians, Let’s Flatten the Curve But Remain a ‘Religion for the Sick’
Physicians reflect theologically on three unique Christian contributions to COVID-19 preparations.
Ce Que Martin Luther Nous Enseigne à Propos du Coronavirus
Fuir une épidémie est-ce se montrer fidèle ? La réflexion du réformateur allemand sur la peste peut guider les chrétiens en Chine et partout où le virus de Wuhan s'est propagé.
전염병을 피하려 한다면 그것은 믿음 없는 행동일까? 마르틴 루터가 우리에게 주는 교훈
16세기 종교개혁가의 흑사병에 대한 성찰이 오늘 나와 같은 의학도에게, 그리고 코로나바이러스에 직면한 중국과 전 세계의 그리스도인들에게 방향을 제시해 줄 수 있다.
¿Se considera fidelidad huir de una epidemia? Lo que Martín Lutero nos enseña acerca del coronavirus
La reflexión pastoral del reformador alemán sobre la Peste Negra, puede guiar a estudiantes de medicina, como yo, y a cristianos en China, o en cualquier lugar donde el virus de Wuhan se ha esparcido.
Estamos Sendo Fiéis ao Fugir de uma Epidemia? O que Martinho Lutero nos Ensina Sobre o Coronavírus
Uma reflexão pastoral sobre epidemias, escrita pelo reformador alemão, pode orientar estudantes de medicina como eu e cristãos na China — e em todos os lugares por onde o vírus tem se espalhado.
Trump’s Praise for Modi on India’s ‘Incredible’ Religious Freedom Doesn’t Match Our Research
The Evangelical Fellowship of India documents 300-plus cases of Christian persecution by Hindu nationalists each year. Muslims have it even worse.
Coronavirus Fears Mean We Need More Communion, Not Less
A pastor and former CDC medical officer considers the outbreak’s real threats to churches.
It Doesn’t Matter If the Coronavirus Whistleblower Was a Christian
There’s little evidence of the Wuhan doctor's faith. The church has something to learn from his life anyway.
Pretending to be a Pentecostal Preacher Is Not a Good Way to Interrogate Suspected Terrorists
A Guantanamo Bay report reminds us our desperation has led to dark places.
Buhari: Pastor Andimi’s Faith Should Inspire All Nigerians
President of Nigeria eulogizes Brethren leader executed by Boko Haram, and criticizes terrorist efforts to divide Christians and Muslims in Africa’s most populous state.
3 Ways UK Churches Can Turn Brexit’s Separation into Reintegration
Amid the "great divorce" from Europe, British believers have opportunities to model a better blend of faith and politics—with each other and the global body of Christ.

Top Story October 29, 2020

Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
How inner transformation shapes outward proclamation.

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