Speaking Out

Our Ears Still Itch
That church down the street isn't the only one pandering to the congregation.
Better Together?
Only in holy matrimony, not in cohabitation.
Larry Norman, Coffee Shop Evangelist
How a chance meeting with a selfless Christian star changed my life.
Disenfranchised in Pakistan
A guide to Christians' concerns about the February 18 parliamentary elections.
A Postcard from Kenya
A dorm parent at Rift Valley Academy on coping with the ongoing violence.
Pro-Israel vs. Pro-Palestine
A rabbi hopes for a better conversation.
The Middle East's Faithful Are Breathing Fine
A response to David Aikman.
India's Burning Issue
Conversions in Orissa—and the violent reaction against them—highlight tension in India's not-so-dead caste system.
Is Life Worth Living Before Death?
Dwelling in the Holy Land has become a curse for many of its inhabitants.
Remembering Benazir
A UK Christian mourns the charismatic Pakistani leader.
The Peacemaking Process
A call to evangelicals to respond to a significant Muslim overture.
'I Thirst'
What was going on with Mother Teresa?
A Cry Like No Other
The spirituality of potty training.
Spoiler Alert
The Harry Potter craze suggests we're not telling the Christian story right.
Harry Potter 7 Is Matthew 6
The young wizard may not have read the Bible, but someone else certainly did.
Resurrecting the Public Death
Tammy Faye reminded us how to die.
What Would Jonathan Edwards Say About Harry Potter?
How the preacher responded to pop culture's version of transcendence.
Bush's Heresy
His hope for Iraq is "more of a theological perspective," he says.
Missions That Heal
Ministering across the wealth divide means giving up our savior complex.
The Wall Is the Castle
When Christians combat each other, they fail to protect what's important.

Top Story September 19, 2020

God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
How to sort out the many disparities between the genealogies of Matthew and Luke.

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