The Heald family had five biological children and two opposing thoughts about adoption. Cathy and two of their teenage daughters felt deeply drawn to adoption. Daryl, the founder of Generosity Path, wasn’t quite on board with expanding their family at the time. But through his wife’s prayers, daughters’ imploring, and a moment of clarity from the Lord, Daryl became convinced they should adopt.

Now, the Heald family has welcomed four children to their home through adoption. Tune in to hear Cathy and Daryl testify to the “glimpses of heaven” they witness in their home as they give to and receive from their nine children. And take heart in their humble honesty about the goodness God can bring about when we surrender control, embrace some chaos, and choose generosity.

Adopting Hope is a production of Christianity Today.

Produced by Mike Cosper, Joyce Koo Dalrymple, and Sasha Parker

Edited and mixed by Alex Carter

Theme song “We’ve Got This Hope” by Ellie Holcomb