A systems theorist walks into an organization and orders playfulness and earnestness.

This isn’t just a silly take on a joke format—it’s a tested method of determining whether or not teams have what it takes to go the distance. As host Steve Cuss explains on this episode of Being Human, too much seriousness on a team tends to lead to rigidity, but playful teams tend to be able to handle ambiguity and challenges.

Could the same be true for worship?

Sometimes we get too earnest and everything gets rigid. In this episode Steve looks at the power of playfulness in your people, how to notice when things are getting too earnest and stuck and the relationship between playfulness and worship. Steve also teaches us how to use a Life Giving List to help us relax into God’s presence. You can download a life giving list template here.

Tune in for an episode that invites us to treasure our faith through playful presence with God.

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