In this week’s news roundup, host Mike Cosper and editor in chief Russell Moore look back at 2022 and cast a hopeful eye toward the coming year. Dubbing 2022 “the Year of Exhaustion and Anger,” Cosper and Moore discuss the role of anger in American society, its fearful manifestations and protective instincts. The divisions in denominations, the rise of Christian nationalism, and the end of Roe might leave you with questions about what lies ahead; but hope springs eternal.

Listen for why Moore believes “democracy is not dead” and how healthy institution building can offer a path forward out of the darkness of the last few years. News editor Daniel Silliman returns with the latest installment of “Hey, Daniel, what’s weird?” to share a sci-fi story about Puritanism’s golden boy, Cotton Mather.

Resources Referenced:
The Year We Lost It,’ a collection of articles from The New York Times
Supergods by Grant Morrison
“Zelensky Recalled Us To Ourselves” by David Frum
Call Me Back podcast with Dan Senor
Cotton Mather's New Testament annotations

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